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Austin Mahone, has taken America by storm, as this incredible pop-singer, seemed to appear out of no-where. Austin Mahone is among some of America’s most talented young singers, with a career that started with a youtube video of his incredible, voice that suddenly went viral.

Fact 1: Austin Mahone’s first hit single, ‘œSay Something,’ is climbing the charts. Austin Mahone, has another hit called, ‘œSay Your Just A Friend.’

Fact 2: Austin Mahone, sold-out New York’s theatre, Best Buy with-in minutes.

Fact 3: Austin Mahone, is only sixteen years of age, with a promising future as a singer/songwriter.

Fact 4: Austin Mahone, accepts offer to tour with famous singer, Taylor Swift, in the promotion of her album ‘œRed.’ Austin Mahone is scheduled to open for Taylor Swift at six shows, the first beginning May 4th, at Ford Field in Detroit Michigan.

Fact 5: Austin Mahone, appeared free of charge in Monterrey, Mexico City, the end of April 2013.

Fact 6: Austin Mahone was born April 4th 1996, in San Antonio, Texas. Although Austin Mahone was born in Texas, he later moved to Florida.

Fact 7: Austin Mahone, will appear with several big name artists including Nick Cannon, Karmin, and Alexa Vega, in the season finale, of the Big Time Awards Show. This episode show cases the teen choice awards.

Fact 8: Austin Mahone, will perform at the Allegan County Fair on September 13th 2013 at 7P.M. in

Fact 9: Austin Mahone’s parents are mother, Michelle Mahone and father, Carter Mahone. Carter Mahone died when Austin Mahone was a baby.

Fact 10: Austin Mahone was homeschooled after a negative experience surrounding his new found fame, Austin Mahone, describes an atmosphere at school of being bombarded with fans, so much so he couldn’t even eat his lunch, with as many as one hundred people coming up to him during a school day.

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