Facts About Anorexia

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Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterised by low body weight, drastic weight loss, an illogical fear of weight gain, and a distorted self-image.

Fact 1.  Anorexia nervosa patients tend to live isolated lives and are more prone to be socially inhibited. This could be due to the decline in physical energy causing a person to focus on one’s well-being leading to a weakening of external relationships.

Fact 2.   In some cases, anorexia is causes by life-changing situations such as trauma, unexpected tragic events or circumstances, relocation, or entering a new phase of life.

Fact 3.  Anorexia can occur amongst mid-life women due to physical and emotional transitions such as an empty nest or a relative’s death.

Fact 4.  One of the side effects of anorexia is osteoporosis due to  insufficient calcium in the diet. Bones become brittle because of a loss of bone density.

Fact 5.  The common view that anorexia is a women’s disorder is a misconception as an estimated 25 percent of anorexia patients are males.

Fact 6. From the biological perspective, the possibility that genetic changes could lead to anorexia has not been determined. However, behavioral traits such as perfectionism, sensitivity, and perseverance are traits associated with anorexia.

Fact 7. Young women with obsessive-compulsive personality traits find it easier to stick to diets and abstain from food.

Fact 8.  Thinness has become a symbol of success and popularity in mainstream culture leading to the rise of anorexia especially amongst young girls.

Fact 9. Anorexia could lead to severe complications including death due to abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias) or due to an imbalance of nutrients especially minerals.

Fact 10. Other complications include: anemia, heart problems, bone loss, loss of menstruation amongst females and decreased testosterone amongst males, gastrointestinal problems, and kidney problems.

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