Facts About Animals

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Fact 1: The study of animals is known as zoology. Animals are not rooted to the soil, and they move from one place to another unlike plants.

Fact 2: Animals inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide while the opposite occurs in plants.

Fact 3: Animals do not prepare food on their own and hence do not possess chlorophyll. The cells of animals do not have any cell walls.

Fact 4: Animals depend on plants for their food while plants do not depend on animals for their food in general, though there are some insectivorous plants depending on insects.

Fact 5: The structure of an animal’s body is far more advanced compared to that of plants.

Fact 6: To carry out various, complex functions in their bodies, animals have various systems to manage the different functions of the organs that enable them to live.

Fact 7: The skeletal or muscular system in an animal’s body gives shape to the animal, allows it to move, and protects the organs present in it. The skeletal system gives shape to the animals to have radial symmetry, asymmetry, or bilateral symmetry.

Fact 8: The method by which the animals procreate is called reproduction. The major methods of reproduction in animals are sexual and asexual.

Fact 9: Animals make use of the food they eat and produce waste after making use of the energy in the food. The excretion is done by the kidneys, bowels,  and skin.

Fact 10: Animals break down the foods through the process of digestion. The digestion happens in the mouth, stomach, and intestines.

Fact 11: The nose, throat, and lungs are parts of the respiratory system where the animal takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.

Fact 12: The circulatory system helps in the distribution of food and energy through the blood. The heart, blood vessels, and blood form part of this system.

Fact 13:  The animal takes in the information from outside and responds to that signal with the help of the nervous system. The sense organs, brain and nerves, form part of  the nervous system.

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