Facts About Andrew Jackson That Prove We Need More Presidents Like Him

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Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States and is probably best known for being one of the founders of the Democratic Party as well as his staunch support for individual liberty. But that is not all there is to the man who also helped shape the pillars of the United States.


Fact 1: While being the President of the United States may seem to put him in a rather respectful light, he was actually known to not shy away from a brawl when his honor or his family was disrespected.


Fact 2: Andrew Jackson had a reputation of skipping over the Senate when it came to deciding the country’s policy.


Fact 3: He had two nicknames during his tenure as President of the United States, first was ‘œOld Hickory’ to his friends and ‘œKing Andrew I’ to his enemies.


Fact 4: Andrew Jackson had a rather turbulent education during his younger years. He then settled in studying law by himself when he was a teenager and became a lawyer in 1787.


Fact 5: Not only a successful lawyer, he was also a decorated soldier and leader and quickly rose through the ranks during his service.


Fact 6: During a duel with a man named Charles Dickinson, he was wounded by a bullet. Although he won, doctors were unable to remove the bullet due to its close proximity to his heart, and it was there for the rest of his life.


Fact 7: Andrew Jackson was, in fact, the first President of the United States to ride on a train.


Fact 8: While Jackson battled Indians during his Army service, he had, in fact, adopted two Native Americans and was on friendly terms with some.


Fact 9: In January, 1805, an assassin tried to take his life after attending a funeral. He then beat the assassin with his cane until others intervened and subdued the assassin.


Fact 10: Yes, Andrew Jackson really did have a giant block of cheese in the White House. He gave it to the public when he left the office.

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