Facts About an Obtuse Angle

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An obtuse angle is a kind of an angle in the field of geometry that is made from two rays having the measure of more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees. The definition of ‘œobtuse’ is ‘œnot pointed.’ If the angle is exactly 90 degrees, it cannot be called an obtuse angle for it is called a right angle. When it is exactly 180 degrees, again, it is not an obtuse angle but a straight angle.

Fact 1: Obtuse angles are wider than right angles when being measured. The obtuse angle is bigger than a right angle.

Fact 2: Obtuse angles can also be called dull angles.

Fact 3: An obtuse triangle may be called either a scalene triangle or an isosceles triangle.

Fact 4: A triangle is said to be an obtuse triangle once it has an internal angle with a measurement of more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees. The measurement between 90 to 180 degrees is a clear indicator that the triangle is an obtuse triangle.

Fact 5: People may have the ability of seeing things inside the house with the measure of an obtuse angle once they take note of it or measure things inside their homes.

Fact 6: When a door is opened slightly, it forms an obtuse angle whether on the wall or on the doorway of the house.

Fact 7: If you will look at stairs from the corner, you will notice that it was not measured at a right angle but an obtuse angle.

Fact 8: When a person looks at the wall of the house or the part near the ceiling, there is an indicator there that the measurement is more than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees.

Fact 9: The measurement of the garages in homes is identified as obtuse angles.

Fact 10: There is customarily an obtuse measurement for a  living room having a bay window nearby.

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