Facts about Alligators

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Belonging to the class Reptilian, alligators are large water and land dwelling animals. They are identical to the crocodiles to some extent and share almost similar physiology. There are however, many facts that are surprisingly interesting to know about the alligators. Here are some of these facts for you to read!

Fact 1:

There are only two living species of the alligators to date; they are namely the American Alligators and the Chinese Alligators. (Live Science)

Fact 2:

Young alligators have yellow stripes on their tails and the color becomes darker as the alligator grows. (Live Science)

Fact 3:

Busting the myths about alligators, it is very interesting to know that alligators never attack humans. They only do so while protecting their eggs or off springs but that too is rare! (Live Science)

Fact 4:

Alligators are inhabitants of fresh water ecosystem like the lakes, rivers and damp thick swamps. (Live Science)

Fact 5:

Alligators hibernate during winters and they are less dangerous and aggressive than the crocodiles. (Switch Zoo)

Fact 6:

In summers, the female alligators lay eggs in nest over the high water banks and they can lay up to 30 eggs at a time! (Switch Zoo)

Fact 7:

The longest ever recorded length of an alligator is 19 feet and 2 inches in the state of Louisiana in the early 1900’s. Since then, no bigger alligator has been found so far. (Tripod)

Fact 8:

It is wrong to say that alligators cannot run! They run as fast as 20 miles per hour but this speed is limited to a short distance only. (Tripod)

Fact 9:

The word alligator is derived from the Spanish word ‘el lagarto’ which distinctively means a “lizard‘. (Fast Facts)

Fact 10:

Alligators can live up to three to four days practically without eating anything. (Fast Facts)

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