Facts About Allah

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Every language has one or more term to attribute God or lesser gods. Allah is the name of the One true God. The term Allah has no gender or plural. In Aramaic, Allah is the personal name of God. Aramaic is the language of Jesus Christ and a sister language of the Arabic .

Fact 1:

The world “Allah” in Arabic lexicons mean “The Being Who compromises all the attributes of perfection and possess the best and the noblest qualities imaginable in the highest degree. This was supported in the Holy Quran:

His are the best names. (or most beautiful names)” (17:110; 20:8 and 7:180)

Fact 2:

The 99 names of Allah are the names which Muslims refer to God. To study and memorize the names of Allah is one one way of strengthening one’s relationship to God. Muslims call to God to the appropriate name of Allah in regards to their need .

Fact 3:

Despite Allah’s supremacy and all-knowing, Quran does not teach that He is in heaven and aloof to people but instead “He is present everywhere (4) and as close to a man as the vein in his neck (5)” .

 Fact 4:

A fundamental doctrine of Quran is the Last Day which the world will be destroyed and Allah will resurrect all the dead and the jinn for judgement. The judgement is to decide one’s destination- Paradise or Hell .

Fact 5:

It is an obligation for an Islamic follower to believe on the attributes of Allah. Whoever does not believe on Allah and His attributes is called an atheist.

The thirteen (13) attributes of Allah are: Existence (al-Wujud), Oneness (al-Wahdaniyyah), Eternity (al-Qidam), Everlastingness (al-Baqa’), Non-neediness of others (al-Qiyamu bin-Nafs), Non-resemblance to the creatures (al-mukhalafatu lil-hawadith), Power (al-Qudrah), Will (al-Iradah), Knowledge (al-^Ilm), Life (al-Hayah), Hearing (as-Sam^), Sight (al-Basar), and Speech (al-Kalam).

Fact 6:

Allah has sent messengers, miracles and revelations to prove His existence- He sent Moses to perform miracles and free the Israelites from Pharaoh; Jesus by giving sight to the blind and raising the dead from the grave and Muhammad the last and final messenger of Allah to all mankind, sending him miracles and the Quran.

Fact 7:

One of the attributes of Allah is that Allah does not resemble any of His creatures- in His Self, Attributes or doings. However, famous Islamic scholars had been asking whether Allah really has eyes, face, hands and whether He does move from one to another. In the ahaadeeth, it is proven that Allah has an image, in a manner that befits Him .

Fact 8:

The Arabic Christians and Jews use the term “Allah” to denote God. In the Arabic Bible, the word “Allah” is also “God” in English.  This is because the “Allah” is an Arabic word of “God” with a capital “G” and that there is no plural term for “Allah” based on the concept of Islamic belief .

Fact 9:

Muslims worship Allah by uttering their profession of faith, praying five times a day, giving  alms for the needy, fasting during the month of Ramadan and making a pilgrimage to Mecca even once in their lifetime.

Fact 10:

Who created Allah? The Quran mentioned that He is the creator and He sustains everything that exists. No one exists alongside Him and that He has no partners. He is not created. His creations does not reflect Him. However, He is called by various names and the three of them are: (1) The First (Al-Awwal); (2) The Last (Al-Akhir) and (3) The Eternal where His creations sought for Him but He has no need from them (As-Samad) .

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