Facts about Alexander Graham Bell

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Alexander Graham Bell is well-known as a scientist and inventor and for his famous development of the telephone. Bell was born in 1847 in Edinburgh, educated in London and he later immigrated to Canada and thereafter to the United States of America at the age of 16.

Some of the interesting facts about Alexander Graham Bell are as follows:

Graham Bell’s father was engaged in the development of visible speech, a method used to teach deaf-mute children. Bell too pioneered this system and even set a training school for teachers for this. The training school is now a part of the Boston University.

Bell’s long time fascination with the idea of speech transmission is what led him to the invention of the telephone. In 1875, he created a received that was capable of converting electricity into sound.

Contemporary scientist Antonio Meucci had also been working on the development of the telephone during this time due to which there had been debates over who actually invented the telephone.

Graham Bell was granted a patent in the year 1876 for his invention after which the telephone invention developed rapidly.

Before the invention of the telephone, Bell worked and researched on telegraph transmission etc. and conveying of multiple telegraph messages over a single wire.

In 1877, the first telephone exchange was built in Connecticut along with the Bell Telephone Company named after him. Bell owned one third of the company’s shares, the earnings from which soon made him a wealthy man.

Long distance connections were enabled by the year 1884. The first instances of this were between Boston, Massachusetts and New York City.

Alexander Bell received the French Volta Prize in 1880 crediting him for his famous invention. He used the money received from the prize to build the Volta Laboratory in Washington.

Numerous advancements and developments in medical research were made at the Volta Laboratory, all of which involved experiments related to the field of communication and employing different techniques. He had even worked with Helen Keller among many others.

Bell is one of the founding members of the National Geographic society which was created in 1888. He is even said to have served as president from 1896 to 1904.

During his career, Bell also worked on the development of airplane wings and propeller blade designs. His research continued into the period much after Wilbur and Orville Wright’s first successful attempt of controlled flight in 1903.

Alexander Graham Bell is credited for the telephone, having received the first patent, but such inventions have always involved controversies as to who was the true inventor. Court cases, books, debates etc. have been around discussing the true story behind the development of such an invention. There is however no doubt that though he was its inventor, the ideas of inventing the telephone were not his alone. Therefore, Meucci and Gray also are credited as important scientists involved in its development. Bell died in 1922 in Nova Scotia, where he resided. Since his death, the telecommunications industry has come a long way in terms of development where traditional telephones have almost become redundant and smartphones and other modes of communication has taken its place.

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