Facts About Air

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Air is one of the most essential components that are required to keep us alive. Not just we, all the living organisms on the earth require Air for breathing. Air is nothing but the mixture of many gases and moisture. We breathe the Oxygen from the Air and leave Carbon-dioxide back to Air and the plants take in Carbon-dioxide and release Oxygen back to air for breathing. Air cannot be seen or felt since it doesn’t have any colour or texture.

Fact 1: The most basic components of Air are the gases like Nitrogen, Argon and Oxygen and water vapour along with various other gases or other element depending on the area. When an area is an Industrial area, Air may contain various chemicals and Carbon content in it, when an area is near to any water source, it may contain lot of water vapour in it, when the area is a garden, it may contain flower pollens in it and so on.

Fact 2: Air cannot be touched or held in our hands. But it can be filled inside a container or inflatable objects like tyre, balloons etc. The strength of Air is used this way for various purposes.

Fact 3: Without Air, we would be surrounded by Vacuum. Air is the element which enables us to breath, move, hear, smell etc.

Fact 4: Air is the major component of the Earth as well. Apart from it, Water, Soil and Fire are the other major components forming earth. According to Indian Philosophies, every living body is composed of these elements.

Fact 5: Pollution of Air can cause many deadly diseases and also death sometimes. Introduction of poisonous particles or gas to the Air is known as Air pollution. This can happens due to various reasons, mainly due to human activities.

Fact 6: Compressed air is one of the safest power resources which is fourth utility after Electricity, Natural Gas and Water. It is used in 70% of industries for one or the other purposes. However, it is much expensive compared to other resources. Some of the uses of compressed air are:

  • It is one of the few energy resources which are not explosive. Hence, it can be used as energy resource where other resources cannot be used.
  • It can be used in places where quality and Hygiene are at most important.
  • It is much lighter substitute for other energy resources. Hence it is easier to transport and handle.

Fact 7: Moving Air is known as “Wind”. Wind is also a source of energy and is used in many purposes such as producing electricity, lifting water, separating water content from various objects and other mechanical works.

Fact 8: Apart from compressed air and Wind there is one more form of Air which is used as energy resource. That is Hot Air. It is used for various purposes like drying hair or any other wet surfaces, cooking, sterilizing. It is also used in Hot Air balloon for transport. Hot Air balloon as used for flying up in air usually as a leisure activity.

Fact 9: Just like oil and water is used for cooking and frying the food, Air is also used for frying the food. This way of cooking is considered as healthier than deep frying the food using oil. Other than frying the food, this technology is also used in sterilizing at the laboratories.

Fact 10: Sound travels through a medium. It could be Air, Water or any solid matter. That means if there was no air around us, we could not hear anyone unless we connect each other through any solid medium like a wire or we get into the water with them.

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