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Many years ago, the dictator Saddam Hussein was overthrown and was held accountable for his unlawful actions. A free election was held in the region and AHMADINEJAD was elected. He serves his people as the regions first President of Iran. One thing is certain, and that is that the people of Iran were jovial with the former dictator no longer determining their fate. The people of Iran were excited to have a voice through voting for their President. However, this is one of a short list of things the United States and Iranians agree on.

Ten things about President AHMADINEJAD that you may not be aware of:

First, AHMADINEJAD believes that he and his people were truly happy that Saddam was no longer a governmental leader in Iran, but he does not contribute the success for any of the process to the United States government or President Bush.

Second, AHMADINEJAD and the United States government officials both claim to support anti-war, promoting peace, and tolerating our differences. Fault can be found on both sides in that, the US has stationed troops in the Iranian region for quite a number of years and have killed a number of Iranian citizens as they are called casualties of war. The troops are working to promote peace in the area. Numerous US troops have been needlessly killed by suicide bombers, car bombs, and shootings as they protest the US troops occupying the region. The irony is that both countries claim peaceful efforts but engage in deadly actions.

Third, AHMADINEJAD acknowledges that weapons have been shipped to Iraq. He acknowledges that the US troops took it upon themselves to intervene. His opinion differs from US officials on whether the US troop’s efforts did any good. He believes that these efforts did little to curb this behavior, but US reports great success.

Fourth, AHMADINEJAD seems to believe that the US presence in the country stimulates more violence within, but US officials report that they are there to regulate peace. AHMADINEJAD apparently believes that it would be a peaceful nation, if the US would leave.

Fifth, AHMADINEJAD despite the country’s history of violence purports that the Islamic religion does not condone violence and is a friend to all other religions. US officials describe the Islamic religion to be peaceful but cite the extremist’s use this philosophy to encourage their acts of violence.

Sixth, AHMADINEJAD cites US officials as being dishonest. He seems to think that they stepped in when they should not have and that the Iranian people should be allowed to determine the fate of their country. He supports that the US gained presence to look for weapons of mass destruction, but he says they found none.

Seventh, AHMADINEJAD believes that after the election the US troops should have been brought back to the US, leaving the Iranian’s to realize their strong capabilities for their future. The US officials claim that they are there to support those effort and not to hinder them.

Eighth, is an item that AHMADINEJAD and US officials seem to agree on and that is that the leadership and training that has been provided for the region has helped. The training for a stronger local military and police force presence has helped to control the violence in the area.

Ninth, a little known fact is that US military troops were not only strategically placed in the area to promote peace and lessen violence. They were also placed there to partner with the locals teaching them to build agricultural endeavors to allow for a sustainable resource making the basket of services and products the country provides much stronger.

Tenth, despite all of the bad that comes from wartime efforts, both sides efforts have promoted change. Change is never easy especially when moving from a dictatorship to a country that is free. Both sides have contributed to long overdue change.

The US and President AHMADINEJAD do not agree on much, but there are small glimmers of hope that change has come to a nation that truly needed it. Those efforts will likely continue on for many years to come as they have in other countries as well.


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