Facts about African animals

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The Serengeti National park, famous for its wildlife, is only a small part of the grand Savanna which actually covers half the African continent, around 5 million square miles, and is teeming with wild animals. It is presumed that the Savanna has 45 species of mammals and around 500 species of birds with many still undiscovered.

Some explorations in the African jungles have led to these facts about African animals in the wild:

  • The Savanna has the largest variety of hoofed animals like antelopes, wild buffalos, zebras and rhinoceros.

  • The animals of the Savanna have to develop special features to survive for examples tough cheek teeth to eat tough grass. Animals in other countries might not be able to eat that tough grass.

  • Many African animals are endangered species for examples the scimitar horned oryx, African lion etc.

  • Hunting is rampant especially in South Africa. Today, only one third the number of total elephants from a decade ago are alive with 35000 being killed in 2013 and only 3 percent of tigers from a century ago survive.

  • The African Oryx is a large African Antelope which was actually exported to New Mexico solely for the purpose of introducing new game for hunting. It was chosen because of its hardiness and adaptability.

  • The African elephant normally travels in herds and the leader is a matriarch.

  • Ancient African people consider the elephant as a source of livelihood or even hosts to ancestral spirits. The elephant is killed most commonly for ivory but their hide, hair and bone are in demand as well.

  • The fastest animal on earth, the cheetah, is found most commonly in sub-Saharan Africa. A factany car owner would be envious of is that it can reach 45 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds. Cheetahs are mostly lone animals and they hunt in the day to avoid lions and leopards.

  • A unique species of frog, the African clawed frog,is found in the African rift valley and has some very unique characteristics like changing appearance to match their background and producing eggs if injected with a pregnant human female’s urine.

  • Lions, another vulnerable species, are mostly found in Africa. They travel in groups of female herds called prides with either young male lions or an adult. This is because when an adult male lion joins a pride he kills all cubs which cannot run.

  • A few years ago many African Animals dies from the disease ‘œAAT’ or African animal trypanosomiasis spread by the tsetse fly till governments started a tsetse eradication campaign.

The African animals are magnificent, inspiring many travels Africa just to get a glimpse of the glorious wild life that exists there. Sadly due to hunting and poaching, African animals are at the brink of extinction with the forests at the verge of an ecological collapse. Despite re-enforced laws and regulations, the illegal murdering of these animals continues. All hope is not lost, though, and as awareness increases many visitors choose to shoot with their cameras rather than a rifle.

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