Facts About Aerodynamics

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Life has become much easier by reducing distances thanks to airplanes. However, only a few people are really thankful for the basis of air flight which is none other than aerodynamics. We are here to pay tribute to this important branch of science by knowing some interesting facts about it, and I am sure you are with me.

Fact 1: The study of the motion of air while interacting with a solid object is simply the definition of aerodynamics.

Fact 2: It is interesting to know the difference between aerodynamics and applied aerodynamics. The first one is a study of airflow principles and the latter one deals with the application of these principles on airplanes and automobiles.

Fact 3: Some people get confused with the terms ‘œGas Dynamics and Aerodynamics.’ In simple words, ‘œgas dynamics’ is the study of all types of gases in contrast to air dynamics that deals with the forces of air.

Fact 4: The theme of aerodynamics is to defeat the forces of thrust and gravity by studying the motion of air to exert its forces on airplanes in the right manner.

Fact 5: One very interesting fact about aerodynamics is that man has learned his subject through birds who fly in the air by using principles of aerodynamics.

Fact 6: If the pressure is kept constant for a considered airflow, then the value of change in density along a streamline should be above zero to fulfil the requirement of compressible aerodynamics.

Fact 7: If we keep the density constant with respect to pressure for a considered air flow, then this study is called incompressible aerodynamics.

Fact 8: As aerodynamics deals with aerospace engineering, so it also proves that the universal laws of conservation for energy, momentum, and mass remain the same in the air as on the Earth.

Fact 9: The use of aerodynamics is not restricted towards aerospace engineering, but it deals with the designs of automobiles, the prediction of wind loads on buildings, bridges, and ships.

Fact 10: Environmental aerodynamics deals with the effect of flight mechanics and atmospheric circulation on the ecosystem.

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