Facts About Advertising

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Advertising is a way of conveying a direct or indirect message and persuade them to take some action. For example the action may be in general to buy something that you are advertising.

Fact 1: The most popular ad of 20th century is known to be the ‘Think Small” ad. The ad promoted the brand Volkswagen in late 1950’s. It is known to be the greatest print Ad campaign ever. The Ad was designed for the Volkswagen Beetle by Helmut Krone with the copy written by Julian Koenig[1] at the Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) agency in 1959. This Ad not just brought sales and brand loyalty but also changed the nature of advertising.

Fact 2: The NorthWestern school was the first school in America to offer Advertising as an academic course at 1990.

Fact 3: The first ever paid magazine ad was featured in Benjamin Franklin’s “General Magazine” in 1742. Benjamin Franklin was a scientist who was known to be one of the founding fathers of United States.

Fact 4: Digital Advertising medium is one of the fastest growing industries ever. As the popularity of Social media, online shopping and other online services are increasing the Digital Advertising is also growing rapidly. However, Television still is first in the race. It is media taking the largest share of all the advertising investments.

Fact 5: Not everything you see on that beautiful commercial ad is real. Ofcourse we all know that. For example: the ice cube which you see in the Ads, especially in the beverage ads are not exactly a real ice cube. It is made up of acrylic with detergent in it to produce bubbles inside it. Usual ice cube wouldn’t be able to stay without melting under the hot flashes and lights used while shooting.

Fact 6: Have you ever noticed the fact that almost all the watch or Wall clock ads display the timing to be 10.10 always. There are lot of arguments on why is this so. Some say this is due to the fact that the watch when showing this time looks as if it is smiling, some say it is the time when first watch was invented, some say it shows a symbol ‘V’ which stands for victory. Of all the reason the most sensible one is that when showing this time, both the hands of the watch are not overlapping and hence the features are visible clearly also at this position the manufacture details like brand name and others are visible clearly.

Fact 7: A Toyota Altis ad featuring Brad Pitt was banned in Malaysia for the reason that Brad’s good looks might give their men a complex. Now can you believe this? Brad Pitt would be confused if he has to be pissed off for the ban or just take it as a compliment and be glad.

Fact 8: The Disney Channel airs strictly only the commercial those are of its own shows and products. They never air any other commercials.

Fact 9: The commercials for various ways of weight loss do not actually make their models loose weight. Instead they pay them for gaining weight and show the later condition as ‘before’ and the earlier one as ‘After’. Now there might be exceptions, but this is how they usually work.

Fact 10: You might have noticed, in all the toothpaste ads the glob of the toothpaste on the tooth brush is of similar size and shape. This standard shape and size of it is known as ‘Nurdle’ which also means little plastic pellets. Both of them are not really related but somehow share the same name.

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