Facts about acid

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Lysergic acid diethylamide or simply LSD is a common synthetic drug generally used for recreational purposes. LSD is usually linked as a psychedelic drug which creates so called trips inducing temporary changes in your thinking and visual hallucinations. Although it is considered non addictive, LSD is still dangerous in quantities, developing some serious side effects like paranoia or anxiety.

Fact 1: Timothy Leary, the first man who advocated LSD was teaching at Harvard when he started the experiments, LSD not being illegal at that time. Due to the powerful psychedelic discoveries, Leary was dismissed from Harvard three years later despite all his bright intelligence.

Fact 2: Robert M. Schwieder and Richard G. Kohlan authors of the article “Tranquility – Or Why LSD?” published in “The Record” a magazine at Teachers College, Columbia University performed an experiment to conclude why the youth crowd is using LSD, most of the subjects being male college quitters at different levels of LSD use. The two authors attacked the society and the education system really hard, saying that young people are forced to the intellectual pressure and no practical exercises that really stimulates their manhood in a society where not having a college degree may become reason for social discrimination.

Fact 3: Hallucinogenic effects of LSD were discovered by accident only 12 years from first synthetization when Albert Hofmann, the first man who created LSD, accidentally took some of the drug.

Fact 4: The first introduction of the drug into the US market happened in 1948 as a strong curing medicine under the name “Deslin”, after an experimental research in which LSD was discovered to cure dangerous mental illnesses like schizophrenia, alcoholism, sexual abutment and so on.

Fact 5: Psychology researchers, doctors and teachers were strongly recommended to use LSD for a better understanding of how schizophrenia works, fact which never stopped them to share the drug with their acquaintances. This situation lead to a high abusement of LSD and by the ’60s it was already considered a popular recreational drug.

Fact 6: “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” is a song written by John Lennon for The Beatles in 1967. Due to LSD popularity in that period of time, people tended to associate the title with the drug, putting together each noun’s first letter. Although John Lennon denied any attributions of the title with LSD, BBC banned their song on the radio.

Fact 7: Timothy Leary started his LSD experiment in the 60s with Allen Ginsberg. After taking a dose of LSD, Ginsberg phoned famous writer Jack Kerouac during his drug influence and claimed to be God when he spoke to the telephone operator.

Fact 8: The Neo American Church was a spiritual group supported by Timothy Leary, based on the idea that LSD and other psychedelic drugs should be sacred and divine no matter who is taking them.

Fact 9: Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple INC. has stated in an interview for Huffington Post that taking LSD was one of the most important things he did in his life. He first took marijuana at 15 and by the end of finishing high school he was already flirting with LSD.
Fact 10: LSD helped Kary Mullis to develop a DNA technology research for which he won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1993.

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