Facts About a Lunar Eclipse

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A lunar eclipse is the opposite of a solar eclipse. When there is a lunar eclipse, most people watch it because it is stunning and peculiar. This is the main reason why it always becomes controversial every time it is anticipated and seen.

Fact 1: When the moon aligns with the Earth and the Sun, that is when a lunar eclipse occurs. However, people can only see that the moon is passing through the shadow of the Earth. The Sun reflects light to the Earth that shows its shadow.

Fact 2: The full moon always appears on a lunar eclipse and it often lasts for an hour and 40 minutes.

Fact 3: In a year, the lunar eclipse only happens thrice a year and is always evident more within an entire hemisphere.

Fact 4: Old people believed that a lunar eclipse was unusual and enigmatic. They also felt terrified because they thought that it was a sign of celestial vehemence which signifies scarcity and malady.

Fact 5: ‘œSaros’ is the term used when the cycle of the lunar eclipse happens again for every 18.6 years.

Fact 6: When a lunar eclipse occurs, the event only lasts for 107 minutes which has a maximum limit of 3 hours and 40 minutes.

Fact 7: A lunar eclipse has three types such as: partial lunar eclipse, penumbral lunar eclipse, and total lunar eclipse.

Fact 8: According to Egyptian mythology, most people believe that during a lunar eclipse, it is the start of the swallowing of the Moon for a little span of time.

Fact 9: A total of seven eclipses happen in a year. It is divided for solar and lunar eclipses. For the solar eclipse, it is four, while three for the lunar eclipse. It only shows solar eclipses occur more often than that of the lunar eclipse.

Fact 10: During the lunar eclipse, the speed of the Moon through its shadow is one kilometer per second.


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