Fact about Vibration Therapy

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There are highlights in research that show neuromuscular as well as physiological benefits from the whole body vibration therapy. These studies show that there are remarkable results for improved health and fitness in a short duration of time. The therapy technology is being accepted and adapted in major rehabilitations, medical and therapeutic centres in the USA, Europe, Australia and Canada. Whole body vibration therapy had been adapted by professional sports team so as to develop strength in the athletes and for rehabilitation after injuries.

Benefit one is beauty and weight loss. With vibration therapy you can lose weight in a week with just three sessions. There is evidence that you can reduce cellulite on your buttocks and thighs by about 25 percent. To achieve a reduction of about 32 percent you should combine vibration therapy and cardio exercises.

Benefit two is the massage; apart from the rehabilitative property and the exercise, whole body vibration offers you the luxury of the whole body massage as well as relaxation. The massage also benefits your overall health and has been proven to enhance physical performance and reduces stress.

Benefit three is rehabilitation. Whole body vibration therapy prevents injuries but it also useful after you have been injured. It helps with the healing during the rehabilitation process. Most chiropractors, professional sports teams and physiotherapists have found the therapy to be a very invaluable tool. It has the ability to make the muscles stronger without making you endure the strain on your ligaments and joints.

Benefit four of vibration therapy; pumping of oxygen throughout your whole body. Once you step on the vibration platforms, you will immediately feel a surge of energy go through your body. The muscles release and contract and blood is pumper faster through your body. This ensures that the nutrient rich blood with oxygen is circulated faster replacing the deoxygenated blood.

Benefit five; nerve stimulation. Whole body vibration therapy activates your nerves and this aids in certain neurological disorders for example sciatica. This therapy is most beneficial if the condition is occasional. Once you stimulate the muscles, the nerves release their acute firing. With every session you can easily alleviate the nerve pain.

Benefit six; the whole body vibration therapy prevents and treats incontinence in a short period time like six weeks. Very many women all over the world experience the involuntary loss of urine control and this is called Urinary incontinence. Women between the age of 15 and 64 years are more prone to this condition as opposed to men of the same age bracket.

When you do the convectional exercises, you are basically working out your voluntary skeletal muscles. There are very many muscles in the human body and these include the involuntary muscles. The brain stem controls all these smooth muscles as well as involuntary muscles. The whole body vibration helps you strengthen all the involuntary muscles and voluntary muscles. This is mainly why it goes beyond conventional exercise.

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