Fact about Nuts

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Packed full of protein, nuts are a delicious, nutritious snack. Portable and not too messy, they fit in your pockets. Nuts are grown all over the world and come in many varieties. Here are ten interesting facts about nuts.

Fact 1: A nut is a dry seed that grows inside a woody shell.

Fact 2: There are a lot of so-called nuts that aren’t nuts, for instance coconuts and peanuts. A peanut is actually a pea. People allergic to peanuts may not be allergic to nuts.

Fact 3: Walnuts have been known to man for over 9000 years. Walnuts have long been associated with royalty. In ancient Rome they were known as ‘œJupiter’s Royal Acorns,’ and in Persia they were reserved for royalty. English Walnuts came from Persia.

Fact 4: Pistachios have been eaten by humans for almost as long as Walnuts. In China they are known as the Smiling nut, because of the way the shell partly opens.

Fact 5: Pine nuts have also been around for a very long time. Roman legionnaires carried pine nuts as provisions.

Fact 6: Although almonds originated in China, nowadays 80% of the world’s almond supply comes from California.

Fact 7: Pecans have been a snack food for a long time. George Washington was known to carry them in his pockets in case he was hungry.

Fact 8: The Macadamia nut originates in Australia and was known to the aborigines as Kindal Kindal. When it was first discovered by Europeans it was grown for ornamentation purposes only.

Fact 9: The Macadamia nut was named for John McAdam, the Scottish chemist who first cultivated it.

Fact 10: Black walnuts, which are common to the Eastern and Central United States, are harvested from wild trees.

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