Coco Loco: Mental Illness, What It Is, and 10 Interesting Facts About It

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One of the most perplexing and fascinating concerns society faces is Mental Illness. From schizophrenia, to Alzheimer’s, what exactly is the dark cloud that robs a person of their mind, completely? This strange, mysterious phenomenon has been a medical debacle for years. The mind has, and always will be, the most important thing we posses. And once it malfunctions, it could most likely be the end; the breakdown of your most glorious possession caused by complexities, interconnected factors involving the whole body resulting in your mind and body to fail you completely. Once we lose this, our intelligence, memory, and consciousness, what it left for us?

Generally accepted by medical experts and regular joes alike, the debacles of mental illnesses are indeed quite real and involve disruptions of thought, experience, and emotion. These disturbances are serious enough to cause impairment in people, making it more difficult for them to sustain relationships, as well as carry on with their jobs and other forms of activity that used to be ordinary and mundane. These tragic events almost always end up leading to self-destructive behavior, and even suicide. The most serious of the mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, and schizoaffective disorder are often chronic and can cause serious disability, most of them progressing into more serious forms of brain damage and complete loss of bodily functions. Other diseases include a range from Multiple Personality disorder, to delusions, pangs of sudden guilt , anxiety, and violence (this illness mostly related to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), uncontrollable spasms and tremors, psycopathy, and the must debated alcoholism.

That was a heavy read. But alas, it’s time for the part you’ve all been waiting for. From fascinating to startling, intriguing to strange, brace yourself for 10 facts about Mental Illnesses you probably didn’t know:

 Fact 1: Schizophrenia is connected to the shape of your mouth. Wait, what? A wider hard plate (a.k.a. roof of your mouth) is a physical trait that has been linked to patients who suffer from the disease.

Fact 2: Mental illness doesn’t just affect your mind; it takes a toll on your body too. Toxic hormones that are released by the endocrine system under stress can cause damage to the tissues and organs in your body.

Fact 3: Stress shrinks the brain. STOP STRESSING. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Cortisol, known as the “stress hormone”, can kill brain cells directly; impair general brain function, and even make the brain smaller through cellular atrophy.

Fact 4: Suicide is the leading cause of premature death in those diagnosed with schizophrenia; between 75 – 95% of these individuals are male.

Fact 5: Do you want to know what Ben Stiller, Vincent Van Gogh, and Thomas Jefferson all have in common? Bipolar disorder.

Fact 6: Korsakoff’s syndrome is a type of mental illness that’s similar to Alzheimer’s, which is associated with greater degrees of brain damage as it progresses. It involves confabulation episodes, which mean people with Korsakoff’s have been observed making up lies and stories for no reason, and the scary part is they believe the fake stories to be true!

Fact 7: Believe it or not, but mental illness are more rampant with the younger generation!

Fact 8: A study found that the Autism rate is higher in states with more rainfall.

Fact 9: Decreased levels of essential fatty acids, such as the fat and other nutrients found in fish, have also been correlated with depression. Fish are friends, and food.

Fact 10: Autistic children are born smaller than the average size, but grow up much faster than normal children.

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