Bust Out That Inner Buddha: 10 Feel Good Facts To Get You On That Healthy Track!

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fitness-332278_640“I am so going to start running tomorrow! And I’m definitely going to stop with all this saturated fat and cholesterol rich junk….okay wait just one more bite…ugh who needs those extra 10 years anyway!” Yes, we all know that feel! Wanting to look, and most importantly feel and embody, health and wellness. With medical concerns for both the young and the elderly running rampant across the globe, it’s highly important we take the personal matter of our health into our own hands and give it of utmost priority. Illness and complications aren’t just a matter of being hereditary things anymore. It’s the way we live, the way we eat and lounge about all day. It’s frustrating, but once you have the hang of putting in the much needed effort in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it’ll be as easy as easing into that old pair of jeans you thought you couldn’t fit in anymore.

The path to healthy living isn’t always easy, what with the prices for anything fresh and organic being worth and arm and a leg. However, you don’t need to drop the dollars on the counter to achieve the holy grail of diets. All you need is the right calorie count, your fruits and veg (your new best friends), low fat everything, lean meat, and the occasional glass of red wine and chocolate cake! Health is known as the level of functional and metabolic efficiency within a living organism. This is the physical and metal well being of a person, not just the absence of disease and the like. It is absolutely detrimental for you to concern yourselves with having a healthy lifestyle. Fairly easy, if I may say so. Opt for freshly brewed coffee instead of those frappes. Choose an apple instead of an energy drink, or even a banana! These fruits contain so much energy that they’ll keep you up better than the energy drink can, its nature’s best pick-me-upper. These tradeoffs will work well into your future, allowing you to reap all of its benefits. From movie stars to celebrity yoga instructors to the stars, and even your doting mom who wishes nothing but health and happiness for you, fitness and over all well being along with body image positivity has been planted into our minds since time immemorial. We were wired to uphold ripped arms and toned stomachs as the epitome of sexy, but the true essence of health is balance. Now, time for the fun part. Here are 10 facts that’ll get you itching for your soy latte and running shoes:

Did you know….?
Fact 1: Stress is the root cause of 90% of all diseases. Indulge yourself in what brings you to that state of calm.

Fact 2: Reading with dim lighting won’t actually damage your eyesight.

Fact 3: When out and about in the groceries looking for juice, read the label and choose “100% fruit juice”. The best flavors are orange, grapefruit, prune and pineapple juice. The less nutritious flavors are grape, pear and apple. When the label says fruit “drink”, “punch”, or “cocktail”, they contain only a small fraction of juice, and is mostly just high fructose sugar water.

Fact 4: Eating a meal with strong aromas will cause you to get fuller faster.

Fact 5: Excessive fat causes your arteries to clog up. Saturated fat is the worst. Vitamin E is important as it’s an agent in the prevention of clogged arteries. Vitamin E is also excellent for the skin! Double duty vitamins? Yes please!

Fact 5: Singing exercises your heart and lungs, releasing endorphins – known as the happy hormone – that help make you feel good.

Fact 6: The recommended calorie take for toddlers is 1,300. Teenagers need about 2,100, while adults need about 2,500-2,800.

Fact 7: One can of soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar.

Fact 8: Beef is the fattiest type of meat! Post-Wagyu depression, anyone?

Fact 9: Every 36 hours the lining of a human’s stomach is replaced. Cool.

Fact 10: The breast part of the chicken is the least fattiest.

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