Basic Facts About High School Dropouts

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High school dropout problem is a serious issue that is affecting the family and the society at large. Although the reasons of leaving high school given by students seem meaningless to parents and teachers, there are certain basic facts that lead to high school dropouts and cannot be denied by anyone.

Fact 1 Reasons For Dropouts
According to research, high school dropouts are the results of pressures on students of push and pull. A student is pushed out or forced to drop out of school due to adverse situations within the school environment and they are pulled out when students themselves are involved in other work and do not complete school voluntarily and the third condition that leads to high school dropouts is poor academic performance of the student.

Fact 2 Why Students Leave School
The causes that prompt students to leave school before completing the basic levels of education are many. It is not always the faults of students but there are reasons that are responsible for such unwanted situations where the students suffer in the long run. The main causes are:

  1.  The Family Background – Although many parents enroll their children to good schools but finally they cannot support them adequately. There are clashes between families and unhealthy environment prevails where a student cannot concentrate on his/her studies. Economic conditions too may not be sound enough and the student is forced to support the family by working after or during school hours and sometimes they need to stay back at home to take care of younger brothers and sisters while the parents go out for work. Under such circumstances, the students are forced to drop out of high school to meet these demands of the family. In other words, the family is unable to meet the basic requirements of the family like food and education and that leads to a number of high school dropouts.
  2. The School Environment Is Not Always Good – The schools do not follow a healthy method of dealing with students, teachers or the parents. When the students are punished harshly for minor faults like untidy clothes or not doing homework, a negative attitude grows up within the student. There may be serious reasons why the student was not tidy or failed to do his/her assignments. Often the curriculum is irrelevant to the requirements of students who are attending school. Teachers are not also well trained to handle various situations of modern lifestyles. Lack of adequate guidance counseling is an important reason for high school dropouts.
  3. Community Background – Many children come from environments where the parents have practically no education at all or maybe they have been dropouts too. The community where they grow up, do not value education. Such students lack both health and moral support. They often experience violence, gang strife and drugs around them. Gradually as they cannot cope up with the school environment they feel the urge to leave their schools and join the gangs and unknowingly they bring miseries for themselves in future life.
  4. Students too are Responsible – Sometimes students also choose the wrong path themselves even if they have full support of parents and a good school to attend. They get involved with groups who are alcoholics or drug addicts. They find this kind of life more interesting and easier. They are suspended for ill behaviors or bunking classes which create a negative attitude towards the teachers and the school and then they just drop out of high school without considering future consequences.
    The result of leaving school before time is indeed harmful for the individual and the society as well. Most dropouts are likely to be unemployed or have such low income that they cannot even support themselves.

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