Astounding Facts about Oymyakon

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Oymyakon, located on Indigirka River, is known as one of the few coldest inhabited places on Earth with an approximate population of 500. Oymyakon is a village located in Siberia and not far from the Arctic Circle. The people inhabiting there are permanent inhabitants which makes many wonder how they manage to survive in a place with such extreme weather all year round.

Here are some of the facts about Oymyakon.

In the year 1933, Oymyakon had a record temperature of -96.16 degrees Fahrenheit. If one were to go out naked on any given day in the village, one wouldn’t last more than a minute before he or she freezes to death.

The warmest day in Oymyakon is recorded to have had a temperature of 65.7 degree Fahrenheit.

Oymyakon remains permanently frozen all year round. During winters daylight hours last 3 hours and in summers 21 hours.

Yakutsk located nearby is also one of the coldest cities on Earth.

Documentary series ‘œWorld’s most dangerous roads’ had an episode named ‘˜Siberia’ that featured Oymyakon. The village was also featured on BBC series ‘˜Extreme World’ in the episode ‘œHot and Cold’.

Most residents are unable to grow crops in such extreme climate. As a result, the diet of the people of Oymyakon mostly comprises of reindeer and horse meat.

The village is not just remote in location; the extreme climate leaves little possibility of any other progress.

Oymyakon is often said to belong to the area of ‘˜Stalin’s Death Ring’ because it had been a former region where people were sent to political exiles.

Electronic items, cars, pipelines all become a hassle in the extreme climate. One can often face difficulties starting the engine of a car due to frozen grease or fuel tanks, unused pipes freeze within 5 hours and even pen ink is said to freeze! Electronics lose battery charge at an alarming rate basically rendering all things without fur to be practically useless.

Residents and visitors are advised against wearing glasses of any kind because they will freeze to one’s face.

In Oymyakon, one has to keep his car running all day to avoid freezing of fuel and accumulation of grease.

People of Oymyakon face climate issues even after death. Since the grounds are in a perpetually frozen state, digging a grave itself takes several days and involves the strenuous task of lighting bonfires while digging the holes and pushing coals. The digging continues for days till the hole is big enough to hold one’s coffin.

Oymyakon being such a cold place and having inhabitants in spite of all hardships is what fascinates people who love to travel. There is very little activity and yet, Oymyakon has a relatively successful market for tourism.

People visiting Oymyakon can find themselves involved in daily local activities such as reindeer hunting, ice-fishing etc. If one is lucky, he can even get to experience hot springs when temperatures rise to around -50 degrees.

Oymyakon can be a great vacation spot to get away from our busy lifestyles and experience what it is like living in such a place.

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