Amazing Health Benefits Of Lemon

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Brief Introduction:

“Lemon” is an aromatic citrus fruit found in abundance, gifted by Mother Nature. It bears its botanical name as ‘CitronLimon. Though the origin of the fruit is still skeptical, it is believed to be native to India. Apart from an edible fruit with a sour tinge, it is also a wonder medicine. Satisfying the equation of Siddha medicine “Food consumed itself is a medicine and the medicine itself is a food” this yellow fruit along with its leaves renders cure to umpteen ailments which are otherwise arduous to heal.


Citric acid is a pivotal component of Lemon constituting about five percent of the entire pulp. It aids in dissolving gallstones, calcium deposits and kidney stones. Along with organic citrus compound, azadirachtin, it acts as a first rate insect bite repellent which the ancient saints used amidst dense forests to protect themselves.


It is a rich source of Vitamin C, an effective immunity booster against cold, flu and sore throat. It functions as an anti-oxidant by neutralizing free radicals, thereby reduces ageing and wrinkles. The British Navy till date is required to stock enough lemons for all the sailors to inhibit the onset of Scurvey.


Vitamin P is another constituent of the fruit that strengthens blood vessels preventing internal hemorrhages’. It also helps in treating high blood pressure.


Diabetic Retinopathy is a life threatening diabetic eye disease found to be vulnerable to lemon due to its contents of rutin, a citrus flavonoid glycoside. A recent study on rutin has uncovered its property to prevent blood clots that are essential to treat patients at risks of heart attack and strokes.


Potassium and sodium are the top minerals offered by nature in the form of Lemon.These help in triggering clear thinking and balances the body’s water content respectively.


Lemon peel is found to contain phytonutrient tangeretin which is effective for brain protection and potentially mitigates Parkinson’s disease.


Being a great liver detoxifier, it dissolves uric acid and other poisons.It cleanses the bowels, preventing constipation and leads to the destruction of intestinal worms and stimulates hunger.

Fact 8:

Another amazing fact is the use of lemon as an immediate energy booster. Edmund Hillary, the first human to set foot on Mt. Everest is said to have credited his success to this stunning fruit as it had filled his depleted energy while climbing.

Fact 9:

With just a gargle, it eliminates the presence of bacteria and other microbes proving its anti-bacterial property. Application of its juice to a region of ache arrests the pain from progressing, acting as an analgesic.

Fact 10:

An astounding property of lemon is that, despite of its acidic nature it relieves both stomach and mouth ulcers. It was also found to have composed of 22 anti-cancerous components that hampered the progression of cancer cells

Fact 11:

This shimmering fruit gets rid of dandruffs when applied to the scalp, promoting shine and good growth of hair. When applied to face, it helps lighten blemishes, reduces pimples and improves complexion.

Fact 12:

According to the “Ream Biological theory of Ionization (RTBI)”, a lemon fruit is the only known anionic food improving the cell energy. RTBI analyzes a person’s body chemistry to estimate the loss or gain of energy thereby helping in charting an individualistic diet and lifestyle plan.

Fact 13:

Last but not least, this fruit maintains the blood at an alkaline state thus helping in weight loss and is a good thirst quencher.

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