Amazing Facts about Slovakia

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Slovakia is a nation surrounded by land on all sides. Countries like Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Poland borders it. The physical outlay of Slovakia is famous for the Carpathian Mountains that border almost half of the northern region of the country.

The Government is based on Parliamentary Democratic system. In the state, the President hails all power while the chief Government is the Prime Minister.

Here are some lesser known yet interesting facts about Slovakia.

  • Euro was introduced as currency in Slovakia in the year 2009. The Slovakians term Slovak as their official language. This language is spoken by about 6 million people. It is also the official language of Vojvodina, a place in Siberia.

  • This country is visited by tourists from regions of Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. Ivan Bella was the first person from Slovakia to walk in space. He had been a member of the Russian-French-Slovak mission for nine days in 1999.

  • The language of Slovakia has an impact of Indo-European family. During the time of the Morvanian Empire, this language was written by Slavs, belonging to the West Slavic branch. They used the Glagolithic alphabet in those days that can be dated back to the beginning of year 863 BC.

  • The language is often termed as ‘œSlavic Esperanto’ as it is known as the most comprehensive language for the users of other Slavic languages.

  • The constitution of the Slovak Republic had been signed on September 1, 1992.

  • The author of the first Slovak novel was Jozef Ignac Bajza. It was the first ever attempt made to codify the Slovak Literacy. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful in his attempt. The first ever standard Slovak was codified by a Roman Catholic priest and scholar Anton Bernolak in 1787. It was called Cultural West Slovak.

  • Slovakia became a part of Schengen Area in the year 2007 on December 27. Almost 2,016,000 people of Slovak origin stay away from the country. The country is in the central section of Europe but its territory spreads out to an area pf 49,035 square kilometer. The border is of a length of 1.672 kilometers.

  • The distance of Slovakia from Adriatic Sea, Rijeka is 361 kilometers by air and 440 kilometer to Baltic Sea, also known as Gdansk. The Black Sea or Constanza lies 686 kilometer by air.

  • Lubietovsky Vepor- Hump, is the heart of Slovakia while geometrically, the center of this country is Hájny grúň which is situated around 1,207 meters above sea level. The highest part of Slovakia is the peak of Gerlachovský Å¡tít which lies in the High Tatra mountain range.

  • The lowest of Slovak Republic is located in the municipality of Kiin nad Bodgorom which lies 94 meters above the sea level. Babia hora is the northernmost part of this country.

  • The lowest temperature ever measured in this region is (-41 °C) at VígľaÅ¡-PstruÅ¡a in 1929 while the driest place in the country is Pusté Úľany, which receives an average rainfall of 483 mm.

Officially, Slovakia is named as Slovak Republic with Bratislava as its capital. It is the largest city of the country. Slovakia is an active member of the International Organizations like NATO, WTO, OECD and several European Unions.

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