Alarming Facts About Puppy Mills

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Dogs have been kept as pets and for many other reasons from a long time. They are known to be man’s best friends. Then how can humans be so cruel to these faithful creatures that live in puppy mills? It is time that everyone came together to stop such inhuman treatment towards them.

Fact 1 What is a puppy mill?

Mass breeding of dogs for commercial purposes is what is called a puppy mill. Puppy mills are huge kennels where adult dogs are kept for breeding. The puppies are given out for sale at a high price and are a flourishing business for many breeders. There are thousands of such puppy mills that produce more than 2 million puppies every year. Although most of the mills are inspected and licensed by the U.S.D.A., they are not well maintained and puppies that are born in such filthy surroundings weak and suffer from mal-nutrition.

Fact 2 The living conditions of the puppy mills

If you step into any of the puppy mills you will be horrified to see the pathetic conditions of the pets kept there. Nobody bothers to take care about the cleanliness of the area and their feeding and breeding areas. Most of them generally consist of wire cages that have small outdoor wooden doors. They are mostly over-crowded and the animals hardly have any space to move in those filthy cages. The puppy mill owners do not spend the minimum amount required to keep the kennels clean and the atmosphere healthy. They are always concerned with saving money for which they do not feed them properly. Therefore sickly and very small sized puppies are born that suffer from mal-nutrition.

The puppies are not cared for also properly. Their eyes are filled with pus and the coats are often extremely dirty with their own excretions. The food that they are served are of poor quality and so the puppies are not healthy at all. There is hardly any veterinary care for them and they are exposed to excess heat as well as chilling cold. The puppies’ legs  
fall through the wire cages that cause injuries to their weak legs and sometimes they be come lame for their entire lives.

Fact 3 About the bitches

The female dogs that are kept in the mills for their whole lives only to give birth to puppies are called brood bitches. Although they are kept for commercial and business purposes, they are undernourished and hardly any veterinary care is offered to them. After birth the puppies are taken away from their mothers and they are not weaned properly. The puppies therefore cannot look after themselves nor can be they eat on their own. Sometimes they become so weak that they can hardly walk while others starve to death. Once the bitches lose the capacity of breeding they are killed down.  Puppy mills are inhumane and for the owners profit is more important for them over the health of their bitches and puppies. You can tell the quality of a pet by its very appearance. You can see their poor condition by looking at their eyes that speak a lot about their cruel fate.

Fact 4 The Business method of breeders of puppy mills

Puppy mill owners sell their puppies to pet stores, online as well through classified afs and from dog shows and adoption camps. Although it is their business they hardly bother to take care of them and sell the puppies without telling the new owners anything about their health conditions or deficiencies. The life of dogs and their puppies in puppy mills is absolyrly heart-breaking. We simply cannot imagine how these people can be so rude and ruthless to such small pets that are working for them entire day.

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