A Pint A Day Keeps The Doctor Away? Fun Facts About Beer

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Did you know that beer is one of the oldest foods known to humankind?!

Here are more interesting facts about one of our favorite beverages!

Fact 1: Beer was consumed back in 3500 BC, namely grain was fermented to brew beer 2000 years before it was used in baking bread.

Fact 2: Beer was once used as payment and ration.

Fact 3: Up to 300 years ago, it was actually safer to drink beer than water, because the water used in beer was boiled and free of bacteria. Until recently, doctors prescribed post-natal women stout instead of water!

Fact 4: Beer contains carbohydrates, water, protein and micronutrients.

Fact 5: The small amount of alcohol in beer is good for your circulation! It reduces the risk of heart disease (only in light drinkers of course).

Fact 6: In 2014, the overall sales volume of beer in the U.S. grew by 0.5 %, the sale of craft beer grew by a whole 17.6%, while the sale of import beer grew by 6.9%.

Fact 7: Overall the beer market in the U.S. is worth $101.5 billion!

Fact 8: 93% of beers weight is water!

Fact 9: Beer is good at quenching first, especially when compared to other alcohol. It has less alcohol per volume and higher water content than any other alcohol beverage.

Fact 10: A pint of beer generally contains 180 kcal, which is less than cola and milk.

Fact 11: Beer does not promote tooth decay because of its low sugar level.

Fact 12: Although we often blame beer for our growing bellies, beer does not contain fat! However, alcohol is an appetite stimulant and you are more likely to reach for a hamburger after consuming a pint of beer.

Fact 13: Carbonated drinks, such as beer, help with stomach acid formation, helping digestion, and stimulate blood flow throughout your body, helping your kidneys.

Fact 14: Beer is high in protein and vitamins! It contains about 2 g of protein per pint and 4 g of water-soluble B vitamins. Folic acid, commonly taken by pregnant women to reduce fetal spinal abnormality, is also found in beer!

Fact 15: Beer is low in sodium.

Fact 16: Beer has antiseptic and sterile properties. German monks added hops to their beer for medicinal purposes in the 12th century.

Fact 17: Doctors suggest women limit themselves to one beer a day, while men can indulge in two per day.

Fact 18: Beer has anti-cancer properties! A flavonoid compound called Xanthohumol found in hops, commonly used in brewing beer, has been linked to the chemoprevention of cancer.

Fact 19: A moderate consumption of beer had shown to increase bone density.

Fact 20: Beer has anti-aging properties! Namely, beer increases the impact of vitamin E, which is a major antioxidant in the human body and an important part of maintaining healthy skin.

Fact 21: Beer consumption reduces the risk of gallstones and kidney stones.

Fact 22: Beer cans in the postwar era had opening instructions printed on the can itself. After World War II canned beer gained in consumer popularity in America as soldiers, having become familiar with cans overseas, began to purchase them more frequently then bottled beer.

Fact 23: Most glass beer bottles are amber in color, why? A dark color provides excellent light protection which is necessary in order for the beer to stay fresh and foamy.

Fact 24: The first professional beer brewers were women! Actually the feminine form of the word brewer is Brewster. The fact that this word is rarely used or known shows how the beer business has been masculinized over the centuries.

Fact 25: Beer spurred the agricultural revolution! Archaeologists have found evidence suggesting that the early human’s thirst for beer inspired plant domestication, known as the agricultural revolution. This is believed to have led to the world’s first civilization, Mesopotamia.

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