8 Interesting Facts About Lips

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It is really very difficult to image humans without lips. How would we look without them? Lips are not only functional but they add beauty and attraction to the human face. There are so many activities that we do nearly every moment with our lips like speaking, eating, kissing, whistling and others.

Fact 1 Construction

Human lips have two parts – the upper lip and the lower lip. They are made up of muscles and the thinnest skin as compared to other parts of the body and are the most sensitive organs also. There is a bump in the middle of the upper lip which is known as “labia tubercle”. There is a distinct border in human lips in the area where the surrounding skin f the mouth meets the lips and this is called Vermillion Border. The upper lip of the Vermillion Border is known as Cupid’s bow.

Fact 2 Common Features Of Lips

Lips are unique and you will find that no two lips of two different persons have the same impression. The size and shape of lips too vary from person to person. It is believed that wider lips especially in women are more attractive than the thinner ones.

Fact 3

Lips get thinner with age as collagen secretion becomes lesser as you grow old. Moreover extra care should be taken to maintain the health of the lips. Since they are made of delicate skin, exposure to sun rays, damage the lips and you will see many people with cracked lips or dry lips often taking out their tongues to moisten them. So it is best to use lipstick or lip balms whenever you go out in the sun.

Fact 4

Lips if healthy look red for a simple reason. The skin on the lips is very thin and is made up of only 3 to 5 cellular layers unlike 15 or 16 layers in other body parts and so the blood vessels under the skin are more visible. They are more prominent in fairer people.

Fact 5

Without lips one cannot kiss and kissing is very important to express feelings of love and attraction. Hence scientists are of the opinion that kissing plays a very important part in choosing a mate. While males prefer thicker and bigger lips women prefer men with medium lips. However, lips have not always been used for kissing. Rather they were basically used for speaking and eating. According to a professor of anthropology, no one in the New World, Oceania, sub-Saharan areas or the Eskimos kissed. It began first in India and the action was carried to the West by Alexander the Great and his soldiers after their return from the wars in India.

Fact 6

Lips can suffer from paralysis. People who suffer from Bell’s Palsy, a disease that causes facial paralysis cannot even smile or frown as the facial nerves are damaged. One however recovers gradually.

Fact 7

Another interesting fact about lips that no one is aware of is that there are no sweat glands in the lips and so they do not sweat. It is for this reason the lips become dry if proper care is not taken. If you are in pink of health, your lips too will look attractive and pink. But you need to protect them from sun damage especially those who stay outdoor for long hours. It is for this reason men suffer from lip diseases and even cancer because they do not use any protective shield for their lips.

Fact 8

Smoking is not only injurious to health but also damages the lips. The smokers’ lips are darker than non-smokers and they need to use especially women more lipstick and lip colors to cover them. Using too much of cosmetics is also not good for your delicate lips.

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