5 Facts About Meditation

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The word meditation portrays a typical picture of saint or yoga practitioner sitting straight with eyes closed. We all are aware of the great strengths both physical and mental of men who practiced meditation and it is an age old practice prevalent in the eastern countries from a long time. But now it has spread to the western countries also along with yoga practices which is a part of meditation.

Fact 1 What Is Meditation?
Meditation is much deeper that just closing your eyes. It is the art of focusing your attention completely in one area. It can initiate an incredibly restful physical and mental state of consciousness known as the Relaxation Response. Lord Buddha preached that meditation is the source of all wisdom and it leads one from the path of ignorance to light. It is meditation alone that will help to attain salvation and know the Truth.

Fact 2 Study About Meditation
People are always in search of new ways to live a better and happier life. Hence digging into the past and trying out different ways of life to bring about harmony is a continuous process. Throughout the past 30 years, people have been studying about meditation and trying to analyze its various aspects to establish its importance in human lives. Interested persons have joined meditation classes and participated in mass gathering where renowned ascetics have explained the importance of meditation at every step of life.

Fact 3 Effects Of Meditation
Meditation spreads an aura around you and affects people near you. When you calmly sit and concentrate, you start positively influencing the environment rather than being affected by the noise or disturbances around you. When meditation is practiced continuously for some days, you will feel the difference not within yourself only but everything that surrounds you. Good things happen wherever you are and this is because of the strength of meditation.

Fact 4 Physical Benefits Of Meditation
Researches carried out in the different Medical Universities of the world prove that meditation offers innumerable health benefits that include:

  1. Meditation improves the immune system and can increase the activity of “natural-killer” cells which is important because these natural killer cells help to kill bacteria and cancer cells.
  2. It helps in cultivation healthy habits that lead to weight loss which is one of the biggest problems that individuals are facing today.
  3. Helps to improve digestion and lowers the blood pressure level.
  4. Decreases the risks of heart attacks and cancer as well.
  5. Meditation is believed to increase the size of the brain which is one of the most important organs of the body.
  6. Improves sex life and increases your libido.
  7. Meditation helps to increase the levels of serotonin production that reduce chances of depression, headaches and insomnia as well as obesity.
  8. Meditation helps to overcome stress.
  9. It has helped in reducing chronic diseases like arthritis and allergies.
  10. Meditation is very useful for women as it reduces pre-menstrual syndrome.

Fact 5 Psychological Benefits Of Meditation
The psychological well-being of the practitioners and the positive effects of meditation are:

  • A sense of happiness and emotional stability is very prominent when you practice meditation.
  • Greater levels of creativity, improved learning abilities, increase in attention and focus and retention capacity.
  • Meditation helps to overcome anxiety, depression, confusion and anger.
  • Meditation decreases the perception of pain and increases the ability to face all problems with calmness and a positive attitude.
  • Feelings of vitality and rejuvenation increases through meditation.

The all-round benefits of meditation has been enjoyed by all those who have chosen to meditate and this practice is gaining importance more in modern times when life has become a great struggle for everyone.

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