30 Unknown Facts About Ross Lynch

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Famous for his debut role as Austin Moon in the series Austin & Ally, Ross Shor Lynch, the founder of R5 band, is an American singer, actor, songwriter and musician. He was born on December 29, 1995 in Littleton, Colorado, U.S. Since then, till now, his 19 years of life has been worth living, and his success has, no doubt, set a benchmark for others his age. There are also many other sides to the star, find out below:

  1. Ross’s hair is done by his mother, especially when he has a photo shoot.
  2. His favourite colour is bright yellow.
  3. Ross chews his food on the right side of his mouth and always holds the microphone in his left hand.
  4. Fans of Ross are tagged as Rossies, Rossians, Roshorers, or even at times as Ross-a-roni’s.
  5. His band has two of his brothers along with his sister and a friend called R5.
  6. R5 released its EP, “Ready Set Rock,” in the year 2010.
  7. The best word in his dictionary is “awesome”.
  8. While on a live concert in Utah, singing “a billion hits”, he dropped his microphone. This was during the R5 West Coast Tour.
  9. His favourite movies are Avatar and Romeo and Juliet. He also has a secret crush on Olivia Hussey (from Romeo & Juliet).
  10. He use to be terrified of rollercoasters till he was 13.
  11. He loves to draw, sketch, loves all cuisine and his favourite video game is Battlefield 3.
  12. Ross’s most liked tweet was: “I dont want to live in a neighborhood :(… I want to live on the Beach, or somewhere in nature! :)”
  13. On January 2012, Ross bagged first place on Radio Disney’s Dot Com Top 3.
  14. Ross has a striking way of shaking his hips while dancing.  Also, he taps his left leg when singing to keep the beats in place.
  15. Ross’s first movie, Teen Beach Musical, was shot in Puerto Rico between February and April.
  16. Ross has been playing ice hockey since he was three. He also learned how to play guitar, to sing and to play piano. He can also manage drums and bass.
  17. He is a cousin of Derek and Julianne Hough. They gained fame with “Dancing With The Stars”.
  18. Ross was educated at home after his fourth grade.
  19. Ross once bought a violin, but neither he nor his brother knows how to play it.
  20. Ross loves the rain and his favourite candy is Cadbury Easter Eggs. He also loves Japanese chewing gum.
  21. Ross’s middle name is “Shor”, named after his uncle, because he and his uncle was born on the same day.
  22. Ross featured as an extra in Hannah Montana’s music video “Ordinary Girl”.
  23. His favourite band is “The Script” and his next target is to get his flying licence. He loves anything related to flying: kites, paragliding, RC planes, etc.
  24. He wets his hair before going for a swim, or it changes to colour green because of his coloured hair and presence of chlorine.
  25. His favourite song is Shutter, by Maroon 5. His guitar’s name is Luna.
  26. He plays hockey, and claims it to be his reason behind his muscles. He never believes going for work outs.
  27. Once two of his fans left their numbers with his dad. Out of courtesy, he made sure to text them back from the same phone.
  28. His parents, Mark and Stormie, met at the Elton John Concert. The family moved to Los Angeles, California, in around 2007.
  29. He liked old school animated movies, for e.g Disney’s Tarzan, though he is not a great fan of scary movies.
  30. Ross loves skating and once spent 3 hours at Pedlow skate park. He also has a Girl Sean Malto deck skateboard.

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