20 Facts About Lyon: UNESCO World Heritage Site

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UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lyon or Lyons (as called in English), is the 3rd largest city in France, ranking after Paris and Marseille. Famous among students and well known for its ample range of internationally marked events – the city was originally founded by the Romans and till date, is very popular for its historical preserves.

The city marks itself in the global map for several pinned reasons, the best 20 among them are:

  1. Its best known for its silk weaving, being the silk capital of the world.
  2. It also plays to be the birthplace of cinema, as cinematograph was invented here by Auguste and Louis Lumière, the first filmmakers in history.
  3. Among its list of popular events, one is the festival “Fête des Lumières” which also earned the city the tag of “Capital of Lights”. The four-day event occurs on December 8 every year.
  4. The citizens of this city are called “Lyonnais”. The commune records to reside a population number of 491,268.
  5. Located in east-central France, it serves as the capital city of both the Rhône-Alpes region and the Rhône department.
  6. Interestingly, the city is also marked as the “Gastronomy” capital of the world, since late 20th century. As per records, every day, on an average, two cook books are published here.
  7. It also holds a history for being the centre of producing printed books, dating back to ages.
  8. Spread over an area of 368.41 sq. miles, the city is the 2nd largest Renaissance city, ranking after Venice.
  9. Having over 2,000 years of strong history, it is the centre of French revolution, and till date it attracts tourists for its rich heritage and unique architecture, with a fusion of culture.
  10. Being the 2nd-largest metropolitan area in France (after Paris), it is home to many important sectors like information technology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical industry, with two major universities.
  11. Grippingly, Dubai has an area named as the “Lyon Dubai City”, where they have replicated certain districts of Lyon, in honor.
  12. The tower, fondly called “The Pencil” (Le Crayon) because of its shape, or officially called as the Tour Part-Dieu, is a skyscraper in Lyon which measures 164.9 meters with 42 floors and is the ninth-tallest building in France.
  13. In history, tracing back to 12,000 BC, the city never faced a natural disaster like an earthquake, etc, and even didn’t went through a redesign plan, marking it among the few cities which are left untouched in the world.
  14. The symbol of the city is the lion, a common sight which you will spot almost everywhere. So if you are here, never miss to mark one.
  15. Internationally, it’s the lead-city for the Council of Europe and the European Commission Intercultural cities’ program. It is also world’s headquarters for companies such as Atari and Renault Trucks.
  16. Also, there are more than 360 Foreign Capital Companies located here, being also the lead-location for international organizations such as INTERPOL and Euronews.
  17. The city houses more than 40 museums and theatres offering you a great plate of both culture and heritage.
  18. It’s considered as the gateway to Europe as from here you can travel to all mojor European cities in less than two hours. It also has the best French mass-public transit system outside Paris.
  19. Its park, Tête d’Or Park is the one of the world’s largest urban parks in France with an area of approximately 117 hectares, incorporating a small zoo as well.
  20. The official currency is Euro (as is for its country France) and the city is subdivided into 9 arrondissements.

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