16 Most Exciting Facts About Red Foxes

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Red foxes, typically spotted in the Northern Hemsiphere, is the largest member of the true foxes community and the most abundant wild member of the carnivora family. Red foxes are also listed in the  “world’s 100 worst invasive species’ list”. They are commonly spotted in colour red, apart from black, brown and silver and is sternly considered harmful to inhabitant mammals and bird species.

Below are the 16 most striking facts about Red Foxes:

1. Red foxes are often confused with Canidae family, which has jackals and dogs in its circle. However, they can be differentiated on their characteristics such as thin light legs, pointed nose and shruby tail.

2. The best fact about them is that they can adjust to any environments, they are social and loves to live a flexible life. They can also survive on a varied diet.

3. The smallest living fox is just about a size of a cat (merely 9 inches) and is called the fennec fox. Others somwhere range between 30-34 inches from their head to their flanks.

4. As said already, they are very social and loves to live within a family network called leash, pack or earth. One group or pack may consist different age group foxes ranging from pups to mothers.

5. Red foxes are mostly nocturnal. Meaning they prefer hunting during the night and sleep during the day.

6. Their species have great eyesight. Also they can run up to 45 mph, almost at a speed of world’s fastest recorded animal, blackbuck antelope.

7. They usually have a life anticipation of 7 years in the wild and upto 15 years in captivity.

8. The scientific name for this species is Vulpes vulpes. Although they do not belong to a domestic pet category, people like keeping them as pets.

9. Their sharp features include white fur on chest and underside, long legs, prickly claws, sharp eyes, strong jaws and teeth and fury tail which they usually wrap around their body to keep themselves warm.

10. They have the competence to produce different range of sounds, each depicting a message or a call. They can atleast produce 28 different type of calls inlcuding yips, growls and howls.

11. They can jump to attack at a range around as high as 6.5 feet (1.98 meters). However they are both a predator and a hunter and can survive even on squirrels, rabbits, chicken or grass, eggs and garbage.

12. They prefer living in burrows, made by themselves. However its constructed in a way which has several exits, to help them flee if  a predator attacks. Its also used to keep their pups safe and store food.

13. When female foxes are in their mating stage, they call out to their male subordinates. Their gestation period is around 53 days and once the pups are given birth (2-3 at one time), they are kept safely in a nest made of leaves inside their burrows. The new members are then looked after the entire family untill they are 5 months old.

14. Female Red foxes are monogamous, which means they only have one mate for life. Males have several females at one go, and all of them are said to be staying together in the same den.

15. The biggest threat to them is from humans who approach them for their fur or as a recreational hunting pleasure. Fox hunting is still prevalent in some parts of the U.K. and the Unites States, besides other countries. Its been said to have originated from England around the 1500s.

16. In myths and folklores, any species of foxes are also said to have magical powers.

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