15 Facts About Kanye West You Never Heard Before

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Yeezus is everyone’s favorite, especially when he comes to his rescue missions. Recently, Frank Ocean dropped out last minute from this week’s FYF Fest in LA, and no surprise, Kanye West was soon announced as his proxy, thanks to his last minute acceptance. Even better, the crowd not only witnessed a breath-taking performance but also got charged up with a power-packed surprise visit from Rihanna, arranged by the rapper. What more you can ask for?
Yes, one of the most awarded artist of all times, winning 21 Grammy Awards, the maximum to receive ever by any artist at his age, Kanye West is an American rapper who keeps winning hearts worldwide either with his rap, or his sudden media presence and shocking statements. Read below to know more.

1. Kanye Omari West, whose name ‘Kanye’ means “the only one” in Swahill (or Kiswahili), a Bantu language, is also known to us as Yeezus.

2. He was born on June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. and resides presently at Hidden Hills, California, U.S.

3. Kanye West did his fifth grade in China as he was there for more than a year because of his mother who was then teaching at Nanjing University, as a guest professor.

4. In 2002, Kanye survived an awful accident which left him with a devastated jaw. It was following this accident that he wrote his single ‘Through The Wire’, during his recovery, with his jaw wired shut.

The single ranked 15th on the Billboard Hot 100 and was nominated for a 2005 Grammy Award as well. The video was made on an idea envisaged from an Adidas advertisement.

6. No doubt he is a perfectionist, as he mixed his song ‘Stronger’ 50 times before he could actually release it. For his album, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’, he even approached the delivery men for ideas and opinions on the album.

7. The rapper attended Chicago State University/Columbia College in Chicago, but soon dropped out to focus on his musical career. This is the reason he also named his 2004 debut album as “The College Dropout.”

8. He has a record for selling more than 21 million albums and over 100 million digital downloads till date. He has been also ranked as the 8th most successful artist in Grammy’s records.

9. Besides being a rapper, he is also a songwriter, record producer and grippingly a fashion designer.

Roc-A-Fella Records was initially not very keen to sign Kanye. However, it was this label that earned him recognition for his work with Jay-Z’s, Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson and many more later.

He used to mix vocal records with his drums and instruments to create music, when at Roc-A-Fella Records. His genres included folk, arena rock, R&B, baroque pop, trip hop, house, electronic and more.

12. DONDA, Kanye’s Design Label is named after his mother. In 2003, he also started the “Kanye West Foundation” with his mother, which after her death was renamed to “The Dr. Donda West Foundation”, and stopped its operations in 2011.

13. Prior to getting engaged with Kim Kardashian, with whom he now also has a child (named North “Nori” West); Kanye was dating designer Alexis Phier and model Amber Rose.

He has also worked with different brands including Louis Vuitton, Adidas, Nike etc. for different ventures. For example, with Nike, he has launched the Air Yeezys, his own shoe, which was also updated again in 2012.

GOOD (Getting Out Our Dreams) Music is also founded by Kanye in 2004. It’s basically an American record label that has released 10 albums till date, certified as either gold or higher by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). He has also directed couple of short films.

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