13 Must Know Facts About Sao Paulo

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“Land of Drizzle” and Dazzle

“Land of Drizzle” or “Terra da Garoa”. Yes, this is what Sao Paulo got as its nickname. Located in South America, it is the largest city or mega city in Brazil and also the seventh largest city in the world in terms of population. According to Brazil’s government research institute, the population of Sao Paulo is 19 million.
Being one of largest metropolitan cities in the world, Sao Paulo is growing fast where modern skyscrapers stand tall as symbols of wealth.

The Gray Spots

The city of Sao Paulo is infamous for high crime rate, poverty, unemployment and traffic congestions.
If we specifically talk about the crime threat rating for Sao Paulo being rated by the U.S. Department of State is a cause of concern. Statistics during the past few years show that crime rate has gone down in some of the Brazilian cities; however the crime levels in Sao Paulo and its surrounding areas remain high.
The city of Sao Paulo is at the receiving end of violent crimes such as murder, kidnappings, armed assaults and burglaries. There are daily flash on some kind of crime that takes place frequently in and around the affluent residential areas such as Belo, Campo, Jardims, Morumbi and Moema. In these areas many government officials, business leaders and a significant number of U.S. Consulate employees reside.
There have been increasing instances of “Express Kidnappings” in Sao Paulo when the kidnapped victims are forced to withdraw cash an ATM or keep them hostage when they are about to use their credit cards. Criminals release the victims once the credit cards get deactivated. In addition, credit card fraud or scamming occurs frequently in the city even at nice restaurants or retail outlets.

Now, let’s talk about bright sides of the city…

Facts About Sao Paulo:

1. The metropolitan city of São Paulo is more than three times the size of Moscow. Also, it is fifth largest city in the world.
2. The city’s motto is “Non ducor, duco”, which means “I am not led, I lead”.
3. The people who live in the city of Sao Paulo are called “PAULISTANOS”.
4. Sao Paulo has more cars than the total population of Rio de Janeiro.
5. The GDP of Sao Paulo is more than any city in the Southern Hemisphere due to its thriving economy.
6. In 2013, São Paulo was listed as the sixth among the “Top 10 Billionaire cities” in the world by Forbes magazine. As many as 26 billionaires have their primary residences in São Paulo.
7. It may sound weird but true that in 1958, a rhinoceros was nominated as a candidate in São Paulo’s city council elections! It did not win though.
8. Interestingly, more people of Japanese origin live in São Paulo compared with any other non-Japanese city.
9. People in Brazil eat 1.6 million pizzas every day. Out of these, nearly one million are consumed in São Paulo alone.
10. Sao Paulo hosted several matches during the 2014 football world cup.
11. Talking about the infamous traffic jam. According to Sao Paulo’s traffic management agency Companhia de Engenharia de Tráfego, the city’s traffic management agency, the city holds a record of 309 km long traffic congestion that took place on November 15, 2013.
12. “Mirante do Vale” building (558 ft) in Sao Paulo is the tallest skyscraper in Brazil. Another building named “The Torre Sigma”, which is currently under construction and expected to match Mirante’s height.
13. Every year several international events such as the Brazilian Grand Prix of Formula One, Brazil Open Tennis (ATP tournament) and Sao Paulo Fashion Week are held in Sao Paulo.

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