12 Thrilling Facts About Full House You Must Know

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During the 80’s, TGIF television comedy shows were trending, and one amongst was “Full House”, created by Jeff Franklin for ABC. The famous American sitcom revolved around a widowed father, named Danny Tanner, his best friend and brother-in-law, raising his three daughters. It was aired from September 22, 1987 to May 23, 1995, broadcasting eight seasons in total and 192 episodes.
News reporter Danny Tanner’s wife Pam is killed in a car crash, leaving him behind with three beautiful daughters D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle, in his San Francisco house. He then seeks help of his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis and best friend Joey Gladstone, a stand-up comedian by profession, to raise his daughters and the fun begins thereafter. With time, the men and the children bond well and become closer to one another.
Later, Danny is reassigned from his duties as sports anchor and becomes co-host of a local morning television show, Wake Up San Francisco, with Nebraska native Rebecca Donaldson. Jesse, an exterminator turned rock musician, and Rebecca falls in love, gets married in season 4. In season 5, Rebecca gives birth to twin sons, Nicky and Alex, the new members of the family.

12 Thrilling Facts about the show:

1. The producers’ first choice was Bob Saget to play the character of Danny, however, as he was not available to appear in the pilot, it was shot by actor John Posey. Saget was busy with CBS’s “The Morning Program”.

2. Paul Reiser was also considered to play Danny’s character, but he turned down the offer to play Michael Taylor on “My Two Dads” instead.

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen ended up playing the role of Michelle because they were the only two babies who didn’t cry during the auditions.

4. DJ’s boyfriend, Steve Hale (played by Scott Weinger), is the voice of Aladdin too. He first appeared in Season 5 as Steve Peters, and then re-appeared again during Season 6.

5. The show was initially about three comics living together and was titled “House of Comics”. Later, the concept was changed as then family dramas were trending.

Jesse Frederick, a film and television composer, who composed the Full House theme song, also created songs for Family Matters, Step by Step and Perfect Strangers for ABC.

7. Can’t solve the mystery who is playing Michelle when, Mary-Kate or Ashley? Well, Ashley has a freckle above her lip; so keep your eyes on Michelle now.

8. Throughout all the seasons, interestingly, the mannequin in Joey’s room was always wearing the same shirt that Dave was, at the same time.

9. The ninth season was almost finalized and even ABC was prepared for it but then several cast members were unwilling to continue and so the show was called off.

10. The Tanner family’s pet Comet also starred in the 1997 classic “Air Bud.” He was nominated for a Kid’s Choice Award in 1998 as well.

11. “Full House” was shot on the same stage as “Wonder Woman.” Also, the entire series ran exterior shots of San Francisco which was filmed in just one day. Only one episode named “Comet’s Excellent Adventure” was actually shot in San Francisco. Another popular classic from the 90’s, “Friends” used the same soundstage as “Full House”.

12. Dave Coulier, who played Joey Gladstone, stole the catchphrase “Cut it out” from his childhood friend Mark Cendrowski, the director of the series “The Big Bang Theory”.

Future Plans:
In August 2014, plans were revealed to reboot Full House again on the television, reuniting most of its original cast. Following this, on April 20, 2015, Netflix also announced that the show is expected to return on its service, named as “Fuller House”.

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