11 Unknown Facts About Sony Xperia Z3

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The ‘Sony Mania’ Called Xperia

Which smart phone has got razor sharp HD display, reflective surfaces, sleek design and lasts for about two weeks on a single battery charge?
There are many brand loyal consumers who may vouch for several names. However, only the genuine facts can prove the mettle.
Despite the euphoria about a series of android smart phones that have flooded the cell phone market, this one held its ground and has remained stand-out purely based on its performance. Yes, we are talking about the magical Sony Xperia Z3.

Key Facts About Sony Xperia Z3:

1. Ability to take stunning shots in any kind of light are one of the major USPs of this smart phone. In fact, Xperia Z series phones has Exmor RS™, which is the world’s first dual Exmor R™ for mobile camera for mobile with next generation BSI sensors and low-light capabilities on both front and back.

2. Xperia Z3 can automatically optimize audio settings for Sony headphones. This smart phone can recognize a Sony headset and provide excellent optimized tunes. For this, users just need to go to ‘Settings’>> ‘Sound’>> ‘Audio Settings’ and ‘Headphones’.

3. Rain and dust can damage any kind of phones, but not Xperia Z3. It has been one of the first-in-line smart phones that can survive heavy shower or dust storm. Due to its compliance with IP65 and IP68, this phone gets protection against dust and water. It can survive a fall into 1.5 meter water for up to 30 minutes.

4. Its super bright camera with HDR to video helps filming even in high-contrast situations such as in front of a window or the Sun dazzling behind. The other features are sweep panorama and modeless UI, which gives instant access to both camera and video mode. In addition, users can take pictures in the video mode as well.

5. Xperia Z3 has super fast processor with little load time. The Snapdragon™ S4 Pro quad core 1.5 GHz processor along with 2GB RAM is as fast as one could think of. The phone uses up the minimum power required to finish a task. So, watching streaming videos or downloading audio files have never been easier.

6. The phone is integrated with high-quality digital noise cancelling technology and remote play facilities that could sync with home Wi-Fi or PS4 console. It means, users can control and use them from any room.

7. Sony Xperia Z3 offers ultra-fast 4G connectivity, through which users can download data at a lightning fast speed of 150 Mbps. Even if 4G accessibility is not available, they can use 3G connectivity. In addition, there are features like dual-band Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi hotspot.

8. Movie buffs can have a gala time with Xperia Z3. They can share the movie magic literally on any screen at home. The “Movies” app in the phone can download info about all movies that users have downloaded or side loaded, and let them watch those flicks in high quality display. They can also videos on a big screen just by connecting a standard HDMI cable to their HDTV using an MHL adapter. If users prefer to go wireless, they can use the Screen Mirroring feature to share content with their TV.

9. With NFC-enabled smart tags feature, Google maps open automatically whenever users get in their car. They can set their phone on vibrate mode at office or start the favourite playlist at home with a single touch.

10. What about high-end gaming? With the Adreno 320 graphics processing unit (GPU), users can play the most visually rich 3D games without a hitch. They would also have direct access to PlayStation®Mobile , which provides access to a catalog of great mobile games.

11. The list does not end here. With Xperia Z3, users can do things with gestures such as turning their phone to silence, double-tapping to wake and holding their device close to face when answering calls.

With great design, durability and cool features, Xperia Z3 appeals to consumers, who believe in the “Power of Sony.”

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