11 Risqué Facts About Sexting

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This news on “sexting” has gone viral on the internet. It is about how two young girls busted a woman, who was sexting to another man while sitting next to her husband.
During an Atlanta Braves baseball game on July 22, 2015, the girls in the row right behind the couple saw the woman sending racy messages through her cell phone. They took pictures of the woman while she was typing messages and the content is clearly visible.
When the game was over, the girls secretly handed over a note to the husband alerting him about his cheating wife. Subsequently, the man contacted them asking for the photographs they took. Later, the girls also posted about this incident on Twitter, which went viral.
The entire story along with photographs was published in all the major newspapers including “New York Daily News”.
Well, not just wayward adult men and women, even an increasing number of teenagers are getting involved in sexting by using instant messaging, email and social networking, which is creating concern for the parents, educators and law enforcement authorities.

11 Facts About Sexting:

1. In a typical legal definition, “Sexting” involve activities of sending or receiving sexually explicit messages, images or videos through cell phone, computer or another other digital device. These messages, images or videos are usually being forwarded to several people other than the original recipient through email and internet-based social networking websites.

2. The issue of sexting is getting attention in countries across the world through coverage in newspapers, on morning TV shows, news broadcasts and the virtual world. Especially, in the developed countries like the U.S. and Canada, the authorities consider sexting as a risky behavior, which could be dangerous for people who are involved.

3. One of the prominent studies on sexting was conducted by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy being supported by the website Cosmogirl.com. For this survey, an online sample of 1,280 respondents was used. Out of these respondents, 653 teenagers aged 13-19 years and 627 young adults age between 20 and 26 years were involved in sexting.

4. The research reveals that 20 percent of teenagers between 13 and 19 years, had sent, received or posted some kind of nude or semi‐nude images or videos of themselves through a cell phone.

5. The reasons that teenage girls participating in sexting are — 40 percent do it for fun, 34 percent do for feeling sexy, and 12 percent are pressurized to do it.

6. The majority of teenagers stated that they sent sexually explicit content to their boyfriends or girlfriends. Other than that, 21 percent of teen girls and 39 percent of teen boys mentioned they sent such content to someone they desired to “hook up” with. In addition, 15 percent of teenagers sent sexual content to someone they only knew online.

7. Reuters conducted a survey, which revealed that one in every five people has sexted the wrong person by mistake! Also, 40 percent of people in the age bracket of 25 years and under have mistakenly tried to have cyber sex with the wrong person. That’s really embarrassing!
8. According to the Adolescent Health Survey, which covered 23,000 high-school students in and around Boston, students who already have sexual experience are five times more likely to involve in sexting than virgins.

9. In the U.S., as many as eight states have enacted bills to prevent minors from sexting. Also, 13 other states have proposed bills for the same to legislation.

10. According to the law, it is illegal for any person with sexual intent to send or disseminate images or videos of a person under 18 (1) in a state of nudity (or semi-nudity) or (2) engaged in any kind of sexual act.

11. An issue like sexting is posing significant problems among teenagers due to its psychological, behavioral and even physical repercussions if victimized.

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