10 Sweet-As-Candy Facts About Cupcakes

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Whether it’s topped with cream cheese or buttercream, we love ‘em, and humanity will not be able to enjoy life on this planet without them. Cupcakes have been a staple in every home and every bakeshop since the innovation of the oven came to being. Well-loved for its modest size and array of flavors (there are five types of cupcakes, with over 5 classic flavors and 1,000 possible toppings), they’ve stolen the hearts of kids and anyone who has a sweet tooth. Gracing the magazines and photoshoots and cooling racks of homes everywhere, this sweet confection is as easy to make as adding flour, sugar, milk, egg, and lots of love. Whether gluten free or vegan, chocolate center or sprinkled on, they’re amazing! For more sweet-as-candy facts about them, read on:

 Fact 1: December 15th is known as National Cupcake Day! Millions of people all over the world celebrate by, yep, you guessed it, scarfing down on one of God’s greatest gifts. But it doesn’t have to be International Cupcake Day for you to celebrate these sweet treats, however. An estimated 100,000,000,000 people eat over pounds. of cupcakes every year! As for National Cupcake Week? It’s held every third week of September!

Fact 2: Cupcakes got their names because the ingredients to make them are all measured in cups, and they’re small-scale cakes that can fit on the palm of your hand. Oh, and it so happens that it looks like a cake in a cup.

Fact 3: According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the record set for most cupcakes eaten in one sitting was 29 cupcakes within the span of 30 seconds! What an insatiable appetite for sweets!

Fact 4: Is it still considered a cupcake if it toppled over your head and was probably bigger than a rookie sumo wrestler? Brace yourselves, cupcake fanatics. The world record for the largest cupcake ever made baked was the size of a small child! The cupcake weighed about 1,224 pounds, was 4 foot tall and 10 foot wide, and had a whopping  2 million calories! I guess you’ve found your answer for Cheat Day.

Fact 5: As for the world’s smallest cupcake? It’s an itty bitty little treat that’s 1.5 cm tall and 3 cm wide.

Fact 6: Bet you didn’t know this one! Though it’s no surprise that John Lennon’s song Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds was about psychedelic drugs, it’s actually a song about cupcakes! This came as a surprise to all Beatles fans because it contains no mention of cupcakes or hidden references to them whatsoever. John Lennon was later quoted  in an interview saying: ‘You never know what you’re writing when you write a song, it’s only years later you realize the truth. You think you’re writing about other people, but you’re really writing about cupcakes. Goo goo ga joob. Imagine. Yoko Ono.’

Fact 7: Cupcakes are over 200 years old! They were discovered back in the 18th century, but instead of the fluffy sweet cups we know them for today, they were a little less fancy and were topped with lard instead of icing.

Fact 8: 13% of brides opt to serve cupcakes at  their weddings instead of the traditional wedding cake.

Fact 9: The New York company Crumbs sold a total of $23.5 million worth of cupcakes back in 2009! And that’s just one company. Imagine the rest of the world doing just as well! Remarkable.

Fact 10: There’s a deluxe version of the beloved Red Velvet cupcake, expect instead of costing a couple of dollars, it sets you back by 55 grand, and that’s because it’s garnished with a diamond ring! Proposal idea, anyone?

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