10 Stupendous Facts About Density

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1.Density is the quantity of a substance per unit volume.

  • A mass per unit volume is the technical definition of density.
  • It describes how compact a certain object or substance is.

 2.Density is used to measure human populations.

  • Population density is measuring a group of individual that constitute a certain area.
  • It is a tool used to determine how populated a specific area is.
  • Every country’s population density is done through census calculation.

3.Density marks its significance in the jewelry industry.

  • Jewelries are part of the fashion world.
  • High quality jewelries are mostly made up of gold.
  • Gold, like all metals have its specific density which is measured to determine if it is genuine or fake.
  • Some jewelry counterfeiters substitute other metals to replicate jewelries and sold it in same value of genuine gold.

4. Density has its distinguished role in the field of photography.

  • Density is measured in the context of opacity which is the quality of transparency of an image captured.
  • In photography, density measures the darkness and contrast of an image in its ability to absorb light.
  • A logarithmic ratio is calculated between light transmission and reflection.
  • There are several ways to measure image opacity using the concept of density.

5. Density makes a hot air balloon fly in the air.

  • Density determines atmospheric properties.
  • Atmospheric density is the ratio atmosphere’s portion to the occupied volume.
  • The properties of density makes the hot air balloon float in the air.
  • With the use of torch heating up the air inside the balloon making it warmer (basically changes the air property) than the air surrounding it makes the balloon floats.

 6. Density has substantial benefits in agriculture.

  • Soil texture is one of the key factors for agriculture success.
  • You cannot grow certain crops to any types of soil.
  • The concept of density measures variations in soil texture.
  • More dense soil is a type of soil texture which is not ideal for agricultural crops.

 7. Density made the gigantic Titanic ship floats and keep submarines under water.

  • How can a ship made of heavy steels possibly float in the ocean?
  • Ships have ballast tanks which hold the air which occupies mass.
  • This is explained by the theory of buoyancy by Archimedes.
  • Buoyant force is the opposing forces between fluid and weight of an immersed object exerted towards each other.
  • Density has inseparable relationship with volume.
  • Measuring the equal weight density of the object and that of the sea water makes the ship floats.

 8. Density has a helpful effect in the environment.

  • Imagine a huge oil spill in the ocean.
  • This has a detrimental effect on the aquatic environment.
  • In cases of this circumstances, oil’s ability to separate itself from water aids in easy clean up.
  • Density makes the oil and water unmixable. Oil is less dense than water.
  • Water and oil has a different density that makes it impossible for the two to mix.

 9. Density has a surprising link to the healthy foods you consume.

  • Essential nutrients can be quantified through the calories in a certain food.
  • This known as nutrient density.
  • There are nutrient-dense foods containing diverse amount of nutrients which you can consider adding up for a healthy diet plan.

 10. Density lets you understand the planet you are living.

  • Density of all the planets varies widely.
  • The earth has the greatest density among all of the planets in the solar system.
  • The core of the earth is mostly metal (iron to be specific).
  • The core occupies most of the Earth’s mass.
  • Earth’s metallic core is far denser than the earth’s crust which explains the concept of gravity and an atmosphere ideal for people to live in.

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