10 Fast Facts About Lacrosse

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Whether you watch it for its fast paced ferocity, heated brawls on the playing field, heart pumping goals, or historical relevance, Lacrosse is a sport that has as much passion and talent coursing through its veins as it does history. From being a sport played by Native American tribes, to men in the army, and even the boys of India, there is so much more to this insane sport. So we’ve put together 10 Fast Facts all about Lacrosse just for you. Sit, back, and enjoy the read!

Fact 1: The very beginning of Lacrosse can be dated back to the early 15th century, where it was already rising in popularity. It was so intense, that it wasn’t a surprise when players would end up either gravely injured, or end up dead because of the severity of the wounds.

Fact 2: The earliest types of lacrosse balls were made up of deer skin, and later evolved to other much accessible materials such as clay, stone, as well as wood. Imagine getting hit on the head with one of those. Yikes.

Fact 3: Lacrosse is the fastest sport that is played on two feet. It’s the fastest sport because the game requires a timer, and the team needs to make the goal before the time is up. This sport is also currently the fastest growing sport in the whole United States of America.

Fact 4: Believe it or not, but the all-American game was first invented by the Native Americans, the Seneca and Mohawks tribes, to be specific. Kids and men alike would play from early sunrise, till about the time their mothers and wives would call it a day. But even then, if a full moon was out, you can bet that the tribes would be out to play for some healthy competition. Their first game dated back to an estimated 500 years into the past.

Fact 5: All the way in India, you can see lacrosse players range from about 100, to 1,000 players at a time! Often played with big numbers, it wasn’t unusual to see streets or alley ways filled to the brim with young boys roughing it out.

Fact 6: The Native Americans, as well as the French, are credited for setting the foundations, as well as rules and specifics of the game. Although most popular in the United States, Lacrosse is well loved all throughout the globe, leaving its mark in countries such as France, Scotland, India, some parts of North America and Europe, as well as Australia. The French influence also led to the game’s ‘path to becoming more civilized and sports oriented’, so to speak.

Fact 7: The popular MTV series “Teen Wolf” starring Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien feature Lacrosse throughout each series, and gives the viewers a little insight on the big bad game of strength, speed, and dexterity with your stick. Popular shows such as these have led to the recent Lacrosse craze.

Fact 8: Major League Lacrosse Finalists are determined by whether or not they’ve bagged at least one championship.

Fact 9: Brace yourself for this one. If you’ve ever wondered which college is totally owning all the fields, it’s the University of Maryland. The team to beat might have super humans playing on their teams, because the University has bagged a whooping 20 lacrosse championships, not to mention a championship in basketball, as well as football and soccer! Their school trophy shelves must be having a hard time supporting all that brass gold. Oh wait, I forgot to mention they won in field hockey and cheerleading too. Is there anything this school can’t do? The team is called the Terrapins or the Terps, by the way.

Fact 10: When starting a new game of Lacrosse, the starters need to launch the ball over their heads all while their sticks are back to back.

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