10 Facts about Spongebob

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Almost every one of us – from old generation to new – know SpongeBob very well. Of course, who would not be able to forget that funny sea creature who makes us laugh every time we turn on the television? However, there is more to SpongeBob that you actually thought you have known. Here are the top 10 funny and interesting facts about SpongeBob that will totally amaze you.

Fact #1: SpongeBob Squarepants series was released in May 1999. It was created a marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg, originally for Nickelodeon. It won the Kid’s Choice Award in 199 and was later on shown in some other TV channels.

Fact #2: The first “SpongeBob SquarePants Movie” was released in November 2004 and it took 11 years before it was followed by another sequel: “SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.”

Fact #3: According his driver’s license, SpongeBob was born in July 14, 1986. That makes him 29 years old as of today. However, if you see his figure in the TV show, he never really seems to grow old. In reality, sponges are living animals under the water. They have 150 species and appear in different color depending on what they absorbed. They can live for many years.

Fact #4: The characters in SpongeBob SquarePants are inspired by the seven deadly sins. Mr. Crab represents “Greed”; Plankton is for “Envy”; Patrick is for “Sloth”; Sandy is for “Pride”; Sqidward is for “Wrath”; Gary is for “Gluttony”; and SpongeBob is for “Lust.” Lust here does mean sexual desire but a desire for some other things.

Fact #5: SpongeBob’s dubber Tom Kenny is actually married to Jill Talley, the woman who voices Plankton’s electronic wife Karen.

Fact #6: A fungi which was discovered in Malaysia last 2011 was named after SpongeBob. It was called Spongiforma Squarepantsiii. It’s a fungal species which produces a sponge-like fruit bodies that are slimy and orange in color. You don’t want to go near it if you want to see it because of its musky odor.

Fact #7: The Krusty Krab restaurant of Mr. Krab in the SpongeBob series is actually a lobster trap. In reality, lobster or crabs trap are left underwater for some couple of days before they are lifted again to allow some crabs to settle and trap them inside. Crab traps usually vary in sizes and the bigger ones usually catch giant crabs.

Fact #8: The Bikini Bottom where SpongeBob lives is actually a real place. The fictional city is located under a real island of Bikini Atoll, which is located in Micronesia. It is composed of 23 islands with size of 3.4 square miles in total surrounding the extremely deep lagoon of the northern end of the Ralik Chain.   It has been a site for so many nuclear tests done by the United States during the World War II.

Fact #9: The original name of SpongeBob was initially SpongeBoy Ahoy. SpongeBob used to wear a hat and bring mop with him. However, SpongeBoy was found out to be a copyrighted name for a specific brand of mop. So Hillenberg decided to change the name while still keeping the “Sponge” in it as he was worried might mistake him as a block of cheese. Even so, many people actually mistaken SpongeBob as some kind of dishwashing sponge.

Fact #10: Squidward Q. Tentacles is not actually a squid although he is both a squid and an octopus. If you noticed he only has six tentacles. In reality a squid has 10 tentacles and an octopus has 8 tentacles. In the SpongeBob series the animators did not give Squidward the proper number of because it will visually weigh him down too much.

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