10 Facts about HVAC

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All HVAC systems and system maintenance are not created equal. If you increase your knowledge, you will make more informed decisions in relation to your HVAC system. Ten things you may know about you HVAC system are:

One- The electric usage data indicates that about 45-50% of your yearly utility expense is primarily from heating and cooling the home or office. Secondly, generally speaking, lighting is the next largest utility cost, using 30-35%. Lastly, computers, electronics, and data systems account for the remainder of usage.

Two- If you moved your thermostat eight to ten degrees each day, you could save as much as 10 percent each year. Even this seems to be of minimal value, but any savings from energy costs are inevitably better for the environment via more sustainable means.

Three- Most home or office owners choose to change out their own air filters, but most do not establish a solid maintenance. When the air filter gets loaded down and clogged and then not changed consistently which causes the HVAC to freeze up. Dirty air filters are a common known cause for when the family members or employees get sick.

Four- We all want to purchase a product or device for the lowest price point possible, but the smaller providers offering lower prices can be difficult to schedule times as they are overextended and cannot get to the job right away. Smaller companies use an answering machine to accept calls and do not respond very quickly. When they check it at the end of the day or the next day, it will take that much longer to get your HVAC serviced. Larger companies can be reached easier, but will take longer to get them there to assess the damage.

Five- Check the quality and function of your fan belts. When the fan belts get dry, splintered, and loose it can reduce air flow. Subsequently cause more serious issues.

Six- Severely worn fan belts without regular maintenance can cause the belt to jump off the pulley and could even cause you to lose a bearing. The expense of fixing the HVAC system continue to rise.

Seven- Adding a digital regulatory system for inside of the house can help save money. Replace your old box with a new one that you enter your preferences. For example, in the summertime everyone is at work, so the temp does not have to be as cool as when everyone comes home at night. So, set the temp for seventy five degrees in the daytime and set it to move to sixty eight about thirty minutes before you come home. You will begin to see the amount of energy used and the cost decrease.

Eight- The addition of a digital regulatory system for inside the home is not just cost saving. Another bonus is that the family will really enjoy the comfortable temperatures as they will no longer suffer from waking up to hot or too cold. The addition would aide in regulating the temperature to your preferred levels, keeping the family happy.

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