10 Facts about Ghosts

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Who else is not afraid of ghosts? For sure, many of us after hearing the word ghosts would either freak out or have goose bumps all over the body. However, not everyone can really see ghosts. Many people can sense ghosts in the atmosphere but they can’t see them. There are also some people who are too gifted to see them. Ghosts is such an interesting topic today and here are the top 10 facts about ghosts that will surely blow your mind.

Fact #1: The concept of ghosts can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian times. Egyptians believed that death is only a transition to another life, hence the reason for their mummification of corpses.

Fact #2: Albert Einstein was the first scientist to formulate a theory about the existence of ghosts. While science and superstitions barely collide, Einstein said that ghosts are manifestations of mankind’s energy when they die. He got from the scientific principle that energy “cannot be created nor destroyed.”

Fact #3: Ghosts can manifest in a lot of ways such as orbs, streaks of light, strange blurs, dark shadows, and mists. The ones often shown on television are called full-body apparitions. Although they are possible, they are also highly unlikely.

Fact #4: Ghost hunters are officially known as paranormal investigators. They are group of professional psychics who claim to have the capability of seeing ghosts. They undergo classes and trainings to perform a lot of paranormal activities, such as chasing ghosts, detecting their presence, and shooing away some other bad elements that are unseen.

Fact #5: Kids and animals are more likely to see ghosts. You should start doubting if your kids have imaginary friend. You would when dogs are seeing something you don’t see, because they usually howl.

Fact #6: Ghosts are cold energy. This is the reason why you get goose bumps and shivers when they are around.

Fact #7: The kind of ghosts depend on how their body have died. According to legends, people that have died peacefully are less likely to haunt compared to people who cannot accept their death. Ghosts of people who died from grave injustice and extreme miseries often stay to haunt people and seek revenge.

Fact #8: Not all ghosts are scary. In fact, the funniest and friendliest ghost all generations might have known is Casper. Casper is a protagonist of the famous kiddy show “Caper: The Friendly Ghosts” which was created in 1930 by Seymour Reit and Joe Oriolo. Casper was a kid who died from pneumonia after playing in a cold winter nightfall.

Fact #9: Ghosts don’t live in haunted houses and cemeteries. They exists everywhere and the scariest place you least expected to be is the White House. According to psychics, President Lincoln never really left the place and for some 70 years, members of the White House testified his apparitions. After Lincoln’s death, Queen Wilhelmina of Netherlands fainted after seeing Lincoln’s apparition in the hallway.

Fact #10: Ghosts are real for some people and inexistent for some. There are people who can see them but many don’t. However, when you are confronted with a ghostly experience, what you should be careful about are psychic frauds. In Victoria England, for instance, upper-crust ladies used to hold séances in their parlors in an effort to communicate with ghosts although no one really was able to able to catch a sound. In 18800s, psychic Harry Houdini claimed to have seen a ghosts and introduced himself as someone who can speak to dead. Later on, he was found out to be just a fraud by some skeptical investigators.

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