10 Entertaining Facts About April

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  1.   April was the 2nd month of the year according to the early Roman calendar.
  • Then, the first month was March.
  • It was reformed under Julian Calendar which is introduced by Julius Caesar.
  • Gregory XIII refined it to Gregorian Calendar which is the one commonly followed and widely used today. Also known as the Christian calendar.

        2.April is the best month to yield honey.

  • April is rooted from the Latin word “Aprilis” – meaning to open.
  • April month is the season for blossoming flowers making it ideal for beekeeping and honey production (apiculture).
  • Honeys are produced by worker honey bees by gathering nectars and pollen of flowers.
  • Flower of April is sweet pea.


  1. April is the best month for travel in most tourist spots and destinations in the world.
  • Spring falls on the month of April which is preceded by summer and the next season after winter.
  • Temperature is just right to set an ideal recreational activity from travel either on an indoor or outdoor.


  1. April’s birthstone is Diamond.
  • Birthstones are used to symbolize the month of a person’s birth.
  • Diamonds are one of the most precious and expensive gem in the market.
  • Birthstones are commonly used to produce personalized jewelries like that of a pendant.


  1. April is the New Year celebration of Thailand.
  • Songkran festival is Thai New year traditionally celebrated by the Buddhist community.
  • This festival is in line with Buddhist solar calendar.
  • It is celebrated by sprinkling and pouring water through friendly fights.
  • The meaning of splashing of water for this festive event is to wash off any bad lucks or misfortunes experienced from the previous years.
  • April is the festive month for Thai people to share a spirit of holiday merrymaking to residents and even to tourists.


  1. April is the month for the commemoration of Jesus’ resurrection observed by Catholics.
  • Though, Easter do not have a fixed date in the Gregorian calendar, it falls very likely on the month of April.
  • Easter month on April is also called Christian Paschal month.
  • The Easter feast is linked from the Old Testament’s Passover of Jesus.


  1. April is widely known as the month of practical jokes.
  • All Fool’s day everywhere.
  • Where harmless pranks and hoaxes are spread.
  • Lighthearted naughty trick threw at someone which aims to make the victim foolish or stupid but of a reversible effect.
  1. Then, April had only 29 days in Roman Calendar.
  • April has 30 days.
  • It’s quite confusing sometimes how many days are there in each month, 28, 29, 30 or 31.
  • Learning a not so complex technique can help to retain information which can help to remember things easily.
  • The knuckle mnemonic is probably the most popular technique used mostly by everyone to determine months with 30 or 31 days.
  • April falls on the second depression and on the third of your little finger knuckle.


  1. April’s first day falls on the same day as July.
  • This is amazingly true in all years.


10. April is extremely significant for Indian farmers.

  • They are celebrating a festival once in the month of April in every 36 years.
  • This festival is marked by temple visits to convey their gratefulness and gratitude for multitude of blessing.
  • The festival of Baisakhi falls is a thanksgiving festival for their good agricultural harvest and from giving them the blessing of good agriculture season for a rich crop and production.

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