10 Benefits of Beans: Recommended For All, Everyday

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Black beans, dried beans, lima beans, peas, kidney beans, navy beans and more, whatever form you look at, either as legumes or as fresh green beans, they are all a powerhouse for protein, iron, fiber, B vitamins and interestingly, less on fats.

Lots of us are under the myth that beans create gas and bloating, but this is not the case. Instead, experts recommend 3 cups of beans every week to avoid such a situation. Many such similar myths and mystification are found around beans but the truth is something dissimilar, keep reading to know more.

Universal name for large plant seeds of numerous genus of the family Fabaceae, beans are used since ages for both human and animal food. The oldest cultivated crops of all times, dating back to 7,000 years, learn what health benefits beans have in stock for you:

1. Fiber keeps you full: Every woman is recommended to have 25 grams of fiber every day, and even better, the beans’ skin also has fiber in it, therefore it keeps you full for long hours and fills you with just half a cup intake.

2. Good for digestion: Beans are truly good for digestion and keeps constipation at bay because of its content of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Make sure to drink water however to help that fiber intake move through the GI track.

3. Blood sugar check: The carbohydrate content in beans takes a while to get absorbed, which is a good sign if you want to keep your blood sugar at check. It’s also equally good for blood pressure and for managing diabetes thereafter.

4. Cholesterol control: ¾ cup of beans every day can actually help you fight cholesterol problems. As per the Canadian Medical Journal, one serving of lentils daily can actually help you reduce your LDL level by 5%. It’s also good for preventing cardiovascular diseases with its high content of B6, which also helps you boost your energy level.

5. Healthy heart: Ofcourse, any food which is good for you to maintain cholesterol is bound to be good for your heart. Beans are a good source of both potassium and magnesium, which plays a vital role in keeping your heart healthy.

6. Helps fight Cancer: It’s a proven fact; beans are loaded with isoflavones and phytosterols which have been associated for a long time with reduced risk of cancer. Green beans contain a striking list of antioxidant plant pigments useful to fight cancer.

7. Helps you lose an inch: No points for guessing, if helpful at cholesterol, it will definitely help you lose weight as well. As discussed above, a serving of beans keeps you fuller for longer duration of time, helping you to avoid junk snacking in the mean time.

8. PMS Check: Its high content of manganese helps you cut on your uninvited mood swings, temper and cramps if you are a women. Therefore include more of green, yellow and flat beans in your diet from today.

9. Vitamin K content good for your joints: It can also help you fight your joint pains with its decent quantity of Vitamin K content. A cup full of flat beans or yellow beans in your diet every day will bring a whole lot of change. It also improves bone density, both in men and women.

Solution to America’s top deficiency: Beans are high in iron, the most common nutritional deficiency people face. Including iron intake in your meals everyday can help you fight anemia.
However, remember that beans also have some minor demerits, the most common of which are allergies and reactions that it causes. Yes, some legumes can cause migraine pains or even body allergies. If something like this happens, make sure to immediately consult a doctor.

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