10 Amazing Facts About Tokyo

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Aside from Disneyland, the world’s most famous amusement park, unique and tasty cuisine, delicious street foods, cute dolls, creative fashion styles and top of the line gadgets, there are a lot of amazing things that we don’t know yet about Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. Here are some to feed your curious and trivia hungry brains. I picked up ten amazing facts that is most appealing for me, and i hope for all of you too.

Fact 1:  The world’s most expensive restaurant can be found in Tokyo. ARAGAWA, a steakhouse that offers a ¥35,000 of Kobe beef per single order is the most expensive steak ever from the most expensive ARAGAWA. It comes with a very tempting mustard sauce that perfectly goes with the steak.

Fact 2:    The first ever Disney park ever built outside the US is Tokyo Disneyland which was built on April 15,1983.

Fact 3:     Tokyo is amazing from the surface, but what lies beneath is unbelievable! An underground tunnel! The water chamber, dubbed the “underground palace,” features 59 columns, each 25 meters high, that can store 670,000 cu. meters of water. It is found on the eastern part of SAITAMA (kyodo).

Fact 4:     The Shinjuko Subway. The station with  the most users in the world with 3.22 million users per day.

Fact 5:    According to Guinness World Records, Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest tower in the world.

Fact 6:    Metropolitan Tokyo Area is the second largest on the planet in terms of urban landmass with over 5,000 square meters.

Fact 7:    On December 18 ,2009, the famous band Guns N’ Roses performed at the Tokyo Dome. It lasted for three hours and 37 minutes. It was the longest concert ever held at the amazing Tokyo Dome according to history.

Fact 8:    Hotels with rooms that is similar of a large refrigerator in size can be found  all around Tokyo. It has televisions, wifi and electric supply. They are called Capsule Hotels.

Fact 9:    28Million USD worth of seafoods are sold at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo everyday.

Fact 10:  One-third of Japan’s students attend school in Tokyo which has more than 100 universities and colleges.

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