World’s Most Expensive Colleges

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Education is priceless. However, good education comes with a hefty price tag. Though quality cannot be equated with expense, more often than not, the most sought after colleges are also the most expensive. Here is a list of the seven priciest colleges in the world. The cost mentioned here is for tuition, board and room and may vary slightly depending on the course taken.

  1. Topping the list is Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, NY, with a yearly fee of $ 65630. This liberal arts college sets high academic benchmarks and specializes in individual study programs and a low staff – student ratio, which makes personal attention possible. The campus is a mirror of society and has a diverse mix of racial, economic and social representations. The beautiful wooded campus, with state of the art facilities along with a variety of academic programs offered, makes this one of the most sought after colleges in the world.
  2. Following closely at number two, is this 115 year old university that symbolizes innovation and research – Carnegie Mellon University. Costing $ 64495 a year, Carnegie Mellon is the leader in innovation and creativity and is also an incubation center for technological startups. With campuses all over the world, Carnegie Mellon’s graduates are in demand by recruiters and reportedly get the highest placement offers worldwide.
  3. Founded in 1890, The University of Chicago has built up a fine reputation as a world class academic and research destination. Students are encouraged to think originally and out of the box. Little wonder then, that many of the alumni of The University of Chicago are Nobel Laureates and leaders in business and technology. A year at this top university sets one back by $ 64258.
  4. At $ 64022 for a year of study, New York University stands as one of the most expensive colleges in the world. Started in 1831, NYU is the largest non-profit University in the US. Having the distinction of being the most widely searched university , NYU’s alumni have shone in all fields – proof of it being in the number of prizes won in different fields : Nobel, Pulitzer , Grammy, Emmy, Oscar, National medals, Russ, Gordon, Guggenheim Fellowship – you name it, they have won it.
  5. One of the oldest institutions of higher education in New York and the US is Columbia University. Founded in 1754 by the Royal Charter of King George II, it offers its students a fine education along with a great sense of history. It has the special distinction of being responsible for administering the Pulitzer Prize. Its alumni are among the who’s who of the world’s intelligentsia including founding fathers of the United States, Presidents, Justices and Heads of State. A year’s tuition fee including room and board would cost $ 63440.
  6. Tulane University in New Orleans offers a wide range of degrees: from medicine to architecture, Public health to Social work and from business to law. Founded in 1834, Tulane is a private research university that attracts the best talent in the student and staff community. With great responsibility to the community and economy, Tulane is highly renowned in academic circles as a university of eminence in research, business development, health care and education. Tuition, board and room costs $ 63396 a year.
  7. Also on the list of the world’s most expensive colleges costing $ 63280 a year is Vassar College in Hudson Valley, known for path breaking trends in education and innovation. One of the premier liberal arts colleges in the world, Vassar is the most sought after destination for discerning students. Admission is highly selective and only students who are toppers in High School and in standardized tests are considered for admission.

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