Why do relationships fail?

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Control of emotions: God has created human beings different from animals in the sense that human beings can make a show of their emotions. Emotions are an important part of any relationship. They have the capacity to not only make but also break relationships. So, you can argue that the best way is not to show any emotion. Is that possible? A man without any emotion is as cold as an iceberg. You don’t love icebergs, do you? The key in maintaining a relationship lies in balancing the emotions in the best manner possible.

Trust each other and never expect anything in return for whatever you do: Relationship is also based on trust. As long as the partners trust each other the relationship remains and may grow stronger too. The moment the trust gets broken, the relationship also breaks. You should not expect anything in a relationship. Expectations causes pressure on the partner to deliver and when he or she fails to deliver then the same expectations can give rise to disappointments when you realise that your expectations are not fulfilled. Disappointments are also one factor why relationships fail.

Let go of your ego: Every man or woman has his or her ego. Everyone one like the ego to be pampered. This ego can be the cause of many a heartbreak. When two people with egoistic nature meet, there is bound to be clash between egos. Egoistic people have a funny outlook towards life. They consider themselves to be superior to all. This is what causes their downfall. This is what takes such relationships to the brink from where one cannot come back unless one lets go of their ego.

The best things in life are earned: Love and trust are something which has to be earned. You cannot demand love from anybody by force. It has to come from within. Love is also something which has to be shared with everybody especially your partner. You cannot be selfish in love and expect the relationship to hold its own. Love should be unconditional as conditional love give rise to expectations and we have seen how expectations can break a relationship.

Fault finding is easy but accepting them is tough: No man or woman is born perfect. Everybody has their own faults. You should accept your partner with all her faults. Then only you will be able to sustain a relationship. It is very easy to find faults with anybody. It takes great will power to ignore the faults and accept the partner as he or she originally is. The moment you start picking and highlighting faults, you can be sure that your relationship is going downhill.

Time and tide wait for no man: Being in a relationship entails spending quality time with each other. It is agreed that everybody is busy with their work and finding quality time in this mad world is difficult. In such a scenario, you should ensure that the amount of time you spend with your partner is full of quality. You should never mix business with pleasure or vice versa. If you do so that cocktail will drown your relationship for ever.

Never try to dominate your partner: Relationship is a level playing field where everyone should have an equal opportunity. Never try to dominate your partner. The other side of the coin called Domination is Resentment. When one person dominates, the other is sure to resent that. This means that the two carts get pulled in opposite directions and it will not be long before the connections snap.

There is a thin line between attachment and obsession: Anything in excess is bad. This is true of relationships too. People in relationship tend to exhibit a feeling of attachment. This attachment should be within certain levels. Once the attachment crosses the threshold level, it becomes an obsession and obsession is a sure recipe for failure in relationships.

Learn to convince without arguing: You can never win an argument. If you lose it you lose it. If you win you still lose it. Arguments can cause breakups and hence one should try to convince the partner without resorting to any argument.

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