The Most Expensive Painting

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Men with great artistic tastes are always on the lookout for the finest paintings. They do not compromise on the prices of the works they find challenging and are ready to pay a great price for it. Great artists have left behind their incomparable work and these are available for purchase from the auction sales held now and again.

Fact 1 Why People Buy Expensive Paintings

Artistic tastes vary widely from person to person. But there are some artistic works that have appealed to all alike. People who love to collect such outstanding paintings visit the auction venues and put up their prices and the highest bidder takes home the paintings. Actually, art lovers buy them because they just do not admire them, but love to have them around, very close to them. The thought behind it is that you can live with that painting and not have to visit any place to see it or open up a page of the book to appreciate it.

Fact 2 The Most Expensive Painting Till Date

The great artist, Pablo Picasso has always been the favorite of art lovers. However, the painting that was recently sold at the highest price in 2015 is the rare painting “When you marry?” by Paul Gauguin. It was sold by Rudolf Staechelin in February 2015. He is one of the renowned Swiss art collectors. However, the name of the buyer and the price at which it was sold have not been announced. The picture is supposed to be delivered to the new owner in 2016 January. Experts reveal that the price paid for this rare painting is about $300 million and the purchaser most probably belongs to Qatar. The emirate of Qatar had also purchased famous paintings of Paul Cezanne, “The Card Players” for which he had paid more than $250 million and purchased other works of art also at great prices.

Fact 3 Other Expensive Paintings

The rare paintings are not only a work of art. If you look closer, you will realize the inner meanings of the famous paintings. They portray social issues, their emotions, the society and everything that sorrounds them. The artists bring out facts and reality that we cannot perceive or feel easily. Initially it was thought that Pablo Picasso’s painting, “Women of Algiers (Version O)” was the most expensive painting ever sold. It was expected to sell at a price of $140 million. Before the auction was held. But the final price was as high as $179,365.000 that included Christie’s commission. It was a time when art collectors were craving for masterpieces left behind by both modern and contemporary impressionists. This unique work of Picasso, the Women of Algiers, was initially the possession of the American collectors Victor and Sally Ganz.

Fact 4 Information About Other Expensive Paintings

The prices of the artworks soared higher at each auction cycle with more and more new collectors appreciating these unmatched works of the great artists of previous years. The wealthy and established collectors seek to get the very best of these collectibles and so the prices go up higher than expected especially at auctions. Before the Paul Gauguin painting, the most expensive work that was sold at auction was the “Three Studies of Lucian Freud” by Francis Bacon. It was sold for $142 million in the year 2013 November. However, later it was known that Paul Cezanne’s “Card Players” was purchased for more than $250 in 2011 by a royal family of Qatar. The third in rank is now the exclusive painting of Pablo Picasso, “Women of Algiers (Version O) that was sold for $179.4 in 2015.

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