The most expensive dog

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Dog is said to be a man’s best friend. There are many stories right since ancient mythology about the loyalty shown by these canines towards their human masters. Though, it is a matter of conjecture whether the human masters might have done the same for their pets.

There is nothing like a free lunch in this world. In the same way, man has to pay a price to acquire his pet. Some of the canine breeds are atrociously expensive. The costs depend upon the location and the breeder. However we shall have a look at the ten priciest breeds of dogs before talking about the dog which has fetched the highest amount in a sale.

  • The Irish wolfhound is a very tall dog and is known for its imposing personality. They are renowned for their high endurance levels and are used in hunting. They command a price in the range of $ 1500.00 to $ 2000.00 and are placed at No 10.
  • The Saluki Hound comes in at No 9 with a price tag of $ 2500.00. They are thin but at the same time very graceful and they are reputed to possess tremendous strength and are used for hunting, naturally.
  • A dog with as regal a name as the Pharaoh Hound at No 8 in the list is a surprise. This huge but extremely graceful canine is priced in the range of $ 2500.00 to $ 6000.00. The dog is known for its tremendous speed.
  • This cute Japanese dog by the name of Akita is now found all over the world and is used as a show and therapy dog. They demand a price of $ 1500.00 to $ 4500.00 and struts in at No 7.
  • The Tibetan Mastiff is a regal dog and is considered to a successful watch dog. This dog is in the throes of extinction and has a royal price tag in the range of $ 2200.00 to $ 7000.00 and makes a regal entry at No 6. You have to wait for the latest announcement.
  • The Rotweiler is a powerful species and is generally used as a police dog. This talented canine marches in at No 5 on the list with a price range of $ 2000.00 to $ 8000.00
  • The Lowchen is a very small dog but has an impressive mane and is known for its agility. This little lion costs about $ 5000.00 to $ 8000.00 at No 4 in the list.
  • The Arctic breed dog Chow Chow is now usually used as a companion dog and in dog shows all over the world. This once working dog has managed to enter the top 3 with a price range of $ 3000.00 to $ 8500.00
  • The English Bulldog known for its ferocious looks comes with a price tag of $ 2500.00 to $ 9000.00 and stands majestically at No 2 in this exalted list.
  • The beautiful and extremely graceful Samoyed is supposed to be the most expensive breeds of dogs and commands a price in the range of $ 4000.00 to $ 11000.00. This tops the list of the most priced dogs in the world.

Now If I say that the most expensive dog ever sold was for a whopping $ 2 million, what would be your reaction? The answer most probably would be an advice to visit a mental asylum. But, hold your horses, it is true. Very recently a Tibetan Mastiff puppy was sold in China for the amount of $ 2 million. This hunting dog is on the verge of extinction but it seems that it does not want to give up without a fight.

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