The Meaning Of Marriage

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Understanding the meaning of marriage will go a long way in looking at one of the relationships between two people. Ephesians 5:31-32 cited that in marriage, a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, as the two are united in one flesh. This makes marriage a deep mystery.

What is marriage?

Marriage is one form of interpersonal blending practiced in many parts of the world for the purpose of forming a familial connection. Since it is socially, religiously, and legally acknowledged, participating partners are both granted conjugal rights as well as responsibilities.

Marriage is legal with a binding contract; the right to marry is defended by the constitution, and there are laws protecting the institution.

Marriage in the Catholic Church, also called matrimony, is the vow between a man and woman to be partners for as long as they live for their own good and for the procreation and education of their offspring. It is a sacrament raised by Christ the Lord.

Marriage is socially beneficial as it reliably creates the social, economic, and affective conditions for effective parenting.

Why marry?

  • Emotional reasons

Emotional reasons play one of the strongest factors linking the union between two individuals. Most people marry for romance, love, and companionship that they want to share with the significant other. Some are compelled to marry because of fear; they are afraid to be alone. Others choose to marry out of anger to hurt their parents or get even with an individual with whom they’ve had a relationship.

  • Financial

For financial reasons, couples often opt to marry. Married couples are entitled tax breaks, cost effective medical insurance, and financial benefits of marital property, retirement accounts, inheritances, and a number of other financial matters.

  • Legal

People get married for legal reasons. A legally married couple can invoke hospital visitation rights and caregiver decisions, lessening bureaucratic roadblocks. They have the right to manage their parental and property rights and issues such as employment sick leave, next-of-kin benefits, and home ownership.

  • Religious

In almost all religions, a civil ceremony does not confirm wedlock, for a religious ceremony is required to seal their union before the eyes of God. Couples with different religions can plan an interfaith marriage ceremony to blend their spirituality together.

  • Society

Modern society pressures couples to marry. Although ‘œliving in’ has become a trend, a solid vow in a marriage ceremony is still the best option to indicate the couple’s commitment. On the lighter side, the thrill and excitement of celebrating their union is incentive enough to get married.

Benefits of marriage:

  1. Health and wealth are the greatest advantages of betting married. Based on studies made between single and married individuals, married people exude better physical health, are more psychological sound, and have a lower mortality risk. Financially, marriage is linked to better wealth accumulation as married men work to earn more and married women have less risk to become poor.
  2. Married couples experience a better sex life. The highest levels of sexual satisfaction were reported by individuals who were married and having a monogamous relationship.
  3. Married women report higher levels of physical and psychological health. Compared with unmarried women, they experience less job stress, environment stress, child stress, financial stress, and relationship stress.
  4. Married people are more socially oriented; they are likely to volunteer for social services as compared to their unmarried peers.
  5. Married people tend to experience less depression and fewer problems with alcohol. Men who married and stayed married tended to be less depressed than those who remained single.
  6. Married men make more money. Taking into consideration other factors like educational attainment, married men earned an average of 20 percent more in wages compared with their unmarried peers.
  7. Married couples live even longer than those who are single, whether cohabiting or divorced. This is proven by countless studies around the globe.

Last words to complete the meaning of marriage:

A relationship in marriage is unique from all others. Essentially, marriage is characterized by the biological fact that one man and one woman can become as one in a union that is geared toward generating new lives. Only marriage can make the human race continue and has the expectation of a positive development in society.

Nancy R. Burstein, who is the author of the book entitled Economic Influences on Marriage and Divorce, stated that after a long hard day in the office, coming home to a spouse for physical affection increases positive mood, sex drive, and, ultimately, intimacy.

Is marriage passé? Annually in the United States, more than 2.3 million couples wed; so, breaking it down, this means there are nearly 6,200 weddings a day. And the number is just as high in many other nations!

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