Henry Ford Facts And Information

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Henry Ford was foremost among the group of persons who have a lasting and significant influence in shaping up the way we travel today. Born on 30th of July 1863, Ford is credited with building one of the largest and most efficient automobile manufacturing companies that the world has ever seen.

Earlier Life

Ford did a variety of jobs before getting into the automotive manufacturing sector. While working at the Edison’s company as a chief engineer, he performed many experiments and upgradations on the internal combustion engine. He was an ingenious man right from the start. At the age of 15 he could take apart a watch and put it back together without any obvious effort, a feat which earned him the nickname of a watch repairmen, from his then neighbours and close friends. He applied the same intellect and ingenuity when designing internal combustion engines. His rapid and revolutionary developments in the area won even the pràise of the great Thomas Edison, who is said to be interested in the young man’s developments.

Ford Motor Company

After leaving the Edison’s company Ford , supported by a few local wealthy businessman started his own automotive manufacturing factory. The endeavor though turned out to be unsuccessful, as the car’s produced were unreliable and costly. The newly started company dissolved soon. After a few similar unsuccessful attempts, Ford succeeded with the Model T in 1908. The Model T was the first mass produced car made on an assembly line with interchangeable parts. It was also a car that the average American could think of buying, as it was quite affordable. Made with the most inexpensive components and produced 24 hours a day, the Model T soon became the highest selling automotive ever. Ford had earlier remarked that he was going to make a car for the masses, and with Model T he delivered on that promise.


Henry Ford also did a lot to improve the living experience of the working class. Even in a place like Detroit, where labour charges were higher, he paid his workers twice more then the average rate. This resulted in the best mechanics and skilled labourers moving to the Ford factories, reducing the company’s costs on training of personnel. He is also credited for bringing the term fordism into existence. Fordism basically means a style of business in which inexpensive goods are produced by the bulk and the workers are paid higher wages. The Ford automotive company also started hiring mechanics to work in shifts, resulting in an increased rate of production.

Henry Ford had a quiet and unassuming personal life. He had a son from his wife, Clara Jane Bryant whom he married in 1888. His son Edsel Ford went on to run the company briefly upon Henry’s retirement. Henry Ford had insured that the ownership of the company will always remain in the family, and no outsider will be able to control it. After forever changing the way how people thought about cars, Ford died on the 7th of April 1947 at the age of 83.

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